Thursday, March 24, 2011

spring gleanings

with love

let a new breeze of love blow through your house;
the Way is opened by Virtue, as it always was.
so clear your path of the harsh growths that separate you,
when all three are in harmony, you'll know what's to come.

the house of thought.. the mind..
in its essence is empty..
that which houses thought..
thought which gives expression to mind..
as the wise ones tell us..
thought is the natural radiance of mind..

when love and compassion are felt from the deep heart,
let's say the middle of the mind..
a new ~ because love is always new, isn't it? ~
breeze blows through the doors, the windows..
and one is free of thought..
it occurs to me that being thought-free
and being free of thought are two very different things..

thought - free is an illusion..
since thought itself is the natural expression of the essence of mind..
often described as the clouds in the sky, the waves on the ocean..
mind would probably never be a thought-free zone..

being free of thought is wisdom..
thought after thought after thought
yet there is no chase, no lingering,
no attachment or follow up..
no fabrication...
no fixating and creating the next war and peace ~
as chogyam trungpa has said:
first thought, best thought.
let it down..
or as my dog owner friends say: leave it!

the great Way is opened..accessible..
by the golden key of merit..of virtue..
never closed to us except by our thought, please..
stringing the story along..

in the buddhist tradition~
one field of merit is sentient beings..all living things..
the interdependance of every single everything!
this field is cultivated by our love and compassion..
the understanding that we are one in the many..
many in the one..
simply just another universal being..
- just another bozo on the bus -
let the breeze of love blow through your house
mi casa es su casa

when I go chasing thoughts, creating movies and story lines..
I end up in a fairly tangled mess..
the harsh growths that separate
you are here, i am there..
you get it, i don't..

the way, the path that is clear..
that has always been clear is the middle way..
we could call it the present moment..
yet that turns itself into a moment that could be held..
grasping at the now..
liberation, true moksha comes when all three are in harmony
the three...?
body, speech and mind? could be...sure, why not?
the three times?
past, present and future....i'd go for that..yes..

this is where we have traveled beyond
our looking back, looking ahead, even resting in the now..
this is empty of anything we could fabricate..
we are awake..we are alive..we are already dead..
we are with love.. are love..
how cosmic..every day ordinary cosmic loving-kindness..

the middle way..
not between two things..

not two

the space.. the space in the middle..
the open house, the open heart..
in vastu, the feng shui of ayurveda,
the middle of the house is left open, empty, spacious..
suchness... as it is..
where nothing happens ~

you'll know what's to come!

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