Saturday, March 31, 2007

what makes a blog a home?


even cowgirls get the bleus

i seem to be dragging..
this blistery sugar lump on my left foot
is singing the blues..
the library in hoodsport
is open at 1pm..
it's 10 in the morning.

i dunno what made me do it..
i stick out my thumb
ready to get to shelton..
no sooner than later,
chuck from oregon stops..
"i haven't picked up a hitchhiker in years,
but something told me..."
heading to shelton? i ask..
no wait..
how 'bout olympia?
"right on my way..
know olympia like the back of my hand!"

he drops me at the urban onion..
right in front of the foot shoppe..
barbara and dave send me to the gov's
dennis kucinich is in towne at 4:30
about 200 people show up..
he and his wife elizabeth are creating
the 9/10 forum..
who were we before 9/11?
find our true size, find our voice
the crowd was shimmering with eager faces..
they each have a peace is healthy sticker..
read the article in the olympian..
from the heart..non-violence..

i walk into the wet afternoon..
the ladies in black are streaked across the sidewalk..
so dramatic with their black umbrellas,
the folded flag..
the black and white peace sign.

at the grocery store, a woman across the produce
department smiles at me..
i return her smile..
no, you're not ellen..."
i laugh and say no..
but we could pretend i was!
we find each other in the clear eye..
we give one another a hearty hug..
we find each other's true name..
she tells me we will meet again..

every moment make it real..
find the way to say:
not two.

i have arrived at the now of the blog..
had the opportunity to have a yoga class
with miguel at the "Y"
to the music of flamingo guitar..
the peace stickers arrive from watermark..
if you would like to make an offering
to postage and continued printing..
give a call:
360 293-4277
palms together!

lilliwaup community club

the building is 105 years olde,
give or take a few..
they have just redone the floor
making it perfect for yoga stretches.
i cheque in with marcy at the shoppe next door
she offers me a blow up queen size mattress.
praise be!
the heat is on, thanks to dele..
i gather dinner,(no pot lucks for me)
settle in and wrap myself
in tinfoil!
the space blanket..
the night passed slow and cool.
i am on the road by 8 am..
the sun is up,
hoodsport has a library!
i am on my way..

# 9

the # 9 cabin at beacon point has the best shower
on the canal..and some of the best soft boiled eggs
i've had since sallie's..
ken said he learned the magic of soft boiled
from his father..or was that his mother?

we rummaged through his trinket box and
found the gift he was to offer to the next house.
a guardian angel pin..
turns out it goes to his next door neighbors,
dele and kathy!
dele brought ken the morning paper;
we met and i asked if he knew of any
place to stay down the road.
"i'm president of the lilliwaup
community club; you can stay there!"

yippee i o ki aye! i have a place to stay!
lilliwaup is 12 miles along the coast.
easy walkin'!
across the hamma hamma river..
some of the most tender landscape..

kathy, dele's wife made me a sandwich..
she was delighted with ken's gift
and sent along a small starfish and
an oyster pearl for the next host.

i met bob at ken's;
he comes by each morning to visit.
a retired professor..
we spoke of prescription drugs and hearing loss..
boats, and walking..
as i left ken's,
he put a peace sticker on his window.
"that will give them something to talk about!"

Friday, March 30, 2007

another roadside attraction

have you seen it?
just the other side of walker mountain, i believe!
a must see....
a gathering of everything under the sun and the moon..

could not have made it over the mountain
were it not for fred's fantabulous lunch..
he thought of everything..
it was the carrots, celery and the little debbie's
that saved me from blood sugar madness!

met a road worker..lovely lady holding the stop/slow sign..
we high fived
and what do you know..
i see her just outside of hoodsport..
two days later!
miles away..
she asks;
you still walkin'?

thank the high holies for kris k.
she once again saved the evening
as i head to ken l.'s cabin
"just around the corner"
from duckabush river..
still raining..

babar, my elephant is wrapped up in holly's raincoat..
i am walking
into the mobius strip of eternal wet!
i give ken a jingle..
he is 80
and the mayor of beacon point resorts..
a line of holiday cottages that have been
sold for permanent residences..
honey, he says..
if i were you i'd stick out my thumb..
i keep walkin'
call him many more miles down the road..
it is almost 5 in the afternoon..
just around the corner he says..

i keep walkin'
then i do it..
out goes my thumb..
cars whiz by..
well, the only one for 10 minutes..
walk and hitch
and lo!

along comes frank from oregon..
"you know, i haven't picked up a hitchhiker
in years but something just told me..."
and i tell him..
i haven't hitched for years but something just told me
that just around the corner was miles away..
and it was..
at least 4 more..

we find ken's,
i blow frank a kiss;
knock on the door..
there is ken..
cooking dinner..
in you come, he says..
in i go..
laundry in the wash,
the honeymooner's on tv over dinner..
peaches and ice cream for dessert..

the first hummingbirds show up..
ken is on it for sugar water.
he describes himself as a neo-conservative.
i tell him i hang in the middle way..
he thinks i'm smart!
we have a fine evening..
early to bed with a good night kiss on the cheek..
the water, the wind lulling me to the sleep
on his pull out sofa.

fred and harvey

both are dear friends to me..
fred i have known longer..
he has a cabin on dabob bay..
harvey is his pal that helps him move about.
harvey wants to marry me..
i've told him it is a bad idea..
actually, i think he believes me!

abby and the family have sent fred
a japanese glass float from alaska..
the glass ball.
fred had two smaller ones already..
3's a charm..
my favorite #..
he will send on to ken
an ancient trade bead from africa!

may the circle be unbroken!

fred is a most amazing man..
parkinson's is courting him..
he dances in the light with that partner..
a poet, a writer
una and her jungle adventure
a painter..
anyone remembre cafe sabika?
on pike or pine?
that was fred's..

we watch alot of movies..
eat alot of chips..
walk on the beach
gather treasures
heart rocks, shells..
talk until there is no more breath..

harvey picks me up to take me to quilcene
and hwy 101..
his car is decked out with two waving american flags!
he put a peace sticker on his window..
he reads the bible everyday..
he still wants to marry me!

he slipped me some green
it is startng to rain..
i walk, walk, walk..
in the rain, rain, rain..
over walker mountain..
somehow i feel that i am taking my first step..

"if you do not grasp with your mind,
you will find a fresh state of being."

a e i o u

i have never taken typing ..
much to my mama's chagrin..
and the typing teacher, mrs. thomas..
though i think she was relieved that i never enrolled..
my reputation preceded me.

where am i now?
in olympia..
at the governor hotel..
my project manager, dave and his lovely wife, b
(we were 18 together..oyi)
have bought me a room..
she and i stayed at this very place..some 10 years ago!

there is internet which i am usurping..
tammy, an angel of mercy,
at the front desk assures me i'm fine..
she has given me the corporate rate..
i am here on business..!
that is.. blister business..
seems my left big toe mount
has thickened up like a sugar daddy..
remembre those?
lesley, across the way
has soaked
and scrubbed
and rubbed
and sanded foot is almost as good as new!

it is quite a treat to spread out my pack..
aire out the gear...
i do my best to be stealth when i am a guest..
ah! solitary refinement!
kucinich is in towne at traditions cafe..
just down the street..
opened up the paper to find my afternoon activity.
i will help dick, the owner set up chairs..
the department of peace..

"what difference does it make to the dead, the orphans,
and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought
under the name of totalitarianism
or the holy name of liberty and democracy?"

"there are many causes i am prepared to die for
but no cause that i am prepared to kill for."

"the truth is far more powerful
than any weapon of mass destruction."

"you must be the change you want to see in the world."


watermark has fed-exed more peace is healthy clings..
palms together in thanks..
get yours today!

wintre kale

from sally g.'s garden..
remembering the tender green of it..
her miso soup that nourished
into the middle of next month..
saturday evening after a day
of drum and chant..
all the ladies to bed..
sally in her room,
chris and carolyn each in a room..
lovorka on the window seat..
me downstairs on the couch.
kurt comes home late and as he is want to do..
settles on the upstairs couch
for his evening meditation..
he fires up the gas stove..
lines up his spine and breathes
in.. out.. zen...
when he is cooked..
he focuses on the window seat..
there lies lovorka asleep..
o my!
in the morning,
we are all up brewing tea..
kurt comes down and recognizes
lovorka as a hiker he has climbed with
earlier that year!
how big small is!
how green, the wintre kale

we are blest by everything

down below on the water
ducks, geese and an entire nation
of frogs make music..
the wind finds the yurt..
a cozy dwelling for the walkweary!

dinner was homemade lentil soup,
naan and salad..YUMMM!
we (i) devoured handfuls of chocolate covered cranberries!
abby and eric are teachers..
most of their neighbors too!

soaking in the big tub by candlelight,
i found the yeats poem
i slipped in the inner lood.
sleeping comes easy after a 16 miler..
the frogs serenading..

the geese arrive early am!
merriley and the girls walk me about the wee lake below..
blessings on a birthday tree for abby,
feathers from bird looting..
we walk up to michelle and dave's yurt
for tea and a smoothie..
yes, teachers!

they are renovating a boat
for their bedroom and guest quarters..
the name of the boat..
not really ..!!!
i will get the correct spelling soon..
it is a wind from the artic..
i may be making that up too..
the truth will out..
michelle's mama is in the caribbean
in the peace corps..
she sold everything to follow her heart!

abby gives me a ride to the chimicum cafe
where i plan to meet autumn..
sadly, i miss her as i must meet
fred and harvey down the road!
carey finds me at the laundry
and we take two for an interview for pepper spray
and the peace walk.
as we are filming, a man comes up,
introducing himself as jeffrey hall..
he saw me walking along center road;
he had put a sign on his mail box
welcoming me in for a cuppa when i passed his way.
the opportunity was missed
because i had turned off
at the egg and i!
turns out he has the original
..war is not healthy..
on his blue car!
he now has.. peace is healthy
on his white car!
just like that we offer our hearts..

after groceries
harvey and fred and i head back
to the cafe..still no autumn
but a tasty lunch.
thank you, harvey!
we land at fred's cabin on dabob bay
where we settle in for a grey day
of movies and popcorn..
our feet are up..
we be smiling!
everything we look upon is blest

kris k. and the wondery way!

the road up the hill out of port t.
went right past the co-op!
dunno why i didn't stop to fill up on nuts and berries..
i have not connected the dots between low blood sugar
and provisions...duh!
realizing much about bones and flesh..
there is a sensation in/on/around my left knee
and carbonated fizz wah!
carey finds me on the road and films me walking to her..
we will meet in
tomorrow for an interview..
my shin feels like pepperspray!
a friend of kris k...autumn
has been in contact with me and a dear family
along her road. i will stay in their guest yurt.
they are about 16 to 18 miles from pt!
one of my longest walks to date,
it went by in sun and shadow..
a little shaky due to blood sugar..
the landscape green and lush with buds.
egg and i road
..i arrive mid-afternoon..
to daffodils..
claire and stella..the girls
abby and eric and grandma merriley..
bwana, the cat!
abby had taught in africa..
the masai and somalians..
the house filled with 3 legged stools..
one leg for the relationship with self,
one for the relationship with another,
one for the relationship with god.
my favorite #!
what a miracle to welcome a stranger into one's home..
and a strange stranger at that!
overwelmed at times, i know i sound daft
attempting to get some words out
in the middle of such lovingkindness.
tea and banana bread..
the box delivered..
i meet michelle (mimi)
and rest before dinner.

"there are times when you want to stop
working at faith and just be washed
in a blowing wind that tells you everything."

tigerlily's soup

slo...slo is the walk..
easy to see from one foot in front of the other
just how fast we all are traveling...
a slingshot drawn back and then whooop!
i am back in port townsend..
heading up the hill to lindy's.

her house is a sweet refuge of exotic carpets,
books that might be on my own shelves
and pictures of high holies gracing the walls.
her dad is present everywhere..
his bright face..soft and yielding!
i plunk down on the bed and bulan
finds my belly immediately..
that is where lindy finds us as she returns
from her counsel..

we're invited to dinner with susan (tigerlily)..
the evening's walk finds us at japanese
with ian, a brilliant young lad in theatre arts
and carey, a film maker with pepper spray.
is that www.pepper
tigerlily finds the best soup on the menu..
lindy and i join her for deep slurp
of veggies and broth.
lively conversation, story telling..
like-minded dialoque..
we are all treated to the meal by tigerlily..
love one another; feed one another!

before we got to the restaurant,
lindy had handed me a 20-spot
from one of her work mates, kirk g.
of course, we meet him right outside the "ichiban"
and i am able to thank him with a peace sticker!

lindy offers a hand-painted box from india
to the next home along the way..
she is off to ski in the am..
i am up the road to chimicum..
(and i am getting close to catching up with this blogabout!)
there is dark chocolate and a 20 spot tucked in..
on the breakfast table;
life is but a dream!

one taste..the soup..

"the great way is not difficult
for those who have no preferences.
when love and hate are both absent,
everything becomes clear and undisguised.
make the slightest distinction, however,
and heaven and earth are set infinitely apart.
if you wish to see the truth,
hold no opinions for or against anything."
hsin hsin ming

Thursday, March 29, 2007

no herring!

who am i?
i am not my earrings!
i have given up most of my face;
no eyebrows, no cheek..
i barely comb my hair;
too short for any stylin'
no smell of jasmine or sandalwood..
it seems i have stopped seducing the self..

liberation at its best..

i no longer have a livelihood
to hang an identity on..
when we stop the seduction,
there arises an innocence of being ..
an opportunity for presence..
just the breath of hey ho
in that authenticity
no karma can gather..
karma only collects on the "i"

the g stands for great mother!

i am chasing my tail to get back
to where i was when i left off for the other shore
of this and that!

sally g. was the generous friend who hosted me
for the meditation week-end with tsultrim allione.

she sponsored me, she fed me..
she slept 3 other traveling ladies
besides myself..

her husband kurt was very kind..
(in the fall, he is taking a year-long retreat from travel..
he will not drive or ride or go farther than a 50 miles radius
leaving no footprints)

the night before we began the retreat,
sally had a date with her best friend, veda..
thee talented 10 year olde in a school play..
i was invited to pizza with the family..
that would be dana,
jay (i hope it's jay) and john..
pesto and cheese..
the play is ready to begin..
veda played TWO parts..
did i say talented?
we found ourselves sitting next to david whyte and his wife,
the poet whose giftbox was just offered to sally..
'tis something how the world goes round, eh?
the play was a norse tale of foreboding and magic..
we await love and peace in the world
so odin can return with his wisdom!

i am to be up early so i can participate in the work/study
program by helping to park cars..turns out i'm a natural..
may well take it up when i finish this walk!
the retreat was held at the whidbey institute..
it has a sanctuary, a labyrinth..a sky loop..
wonderful food..
worth a visit..
would that be www.

the retreat was brilliant..
sally was the great mother
in serving all the ladies..
she is very present with the enviroment..
every day we walked through the woulds
away from the shoulds!!
drums, bell and song..
the very drumbeat that i spoke about
the day i left..
peace feet.
the 4th year of the war in iraq saw us
awakening the rhythm of the heartbeat.

women of wisdom
tsultrim allione

ring the bells that still can ring!
there is a crack in everything;
that's how the light gets in..
leonard cohen

we pledged ourselves to the great awakening..
fran slipped some green in my pocket,
sally left me with face cream, (i look 30!)
chris offered her journey rattle, the wooden egg..
a lucky 2 dollar bill from lorvoka,
a ride to the ferry from carolyn....
in the great wind, i cross to port townsend
ready to walk the heartbeat!

susan and sara from the retreat are on the boat
they land me at lindy's house..with her cat bulan b.
meanwhile, i receive e-mail and calls..
my mother is in the hospital,
some other news of family..
i sleep on the wondering..

sally gifted lindy with a book
from one of her dearest friends..
the little book of transformation
akuyoe graham

in the morning i decide i will travel to anacortes
to see ms. sallie..
i want no regrets..
i was close..
back across the waters..
after hearty oatmeal with lindy..

diane p. and zoya traveled to get me..
the ferry barely running because of wind
all of a sudden i am a phantom in my hometime..
feeling positively fugitively as i wander the streets

sallie is better than i imagined
pneumonia..a wee bit disoriented..
my other family members are alive and well..
a relief..
diane fed me twice or thrice
i slept in my own bed in laconner..
fed and well tended
in susan and casey's home..
we are here ..
each one of us..
truly to tend to another..
make no mistake..
my visit saw sallie to her apartment..
ready to make 25 pounds of fruitcake with her grand-daughter, susie!
i traveled down whidbey to the ferry
(and across) with mimi and new pup, suja..
ah! the smell of puppy breath

who am i? where was i? where am i?

Friday, March 23, 2007

inner lude ...a dialogue of self and soul

i am content to follow to its source
every event in action or in thought;
measure the lot; forgive myself the lot!
when such as i cast out remorse
so great a sweetness flows into the breast
we must laugh and we must sing,
we are blest by everything,
everything we look upon is blest.

william butler yeats

Thursday, March 22, 2007

confess all your hidden faults!

approach that which you find repulsive!

whoever you think you cannot help, help them!

whatever you are attached to, let go of it!

go to places that scare you, like cemetaries!

sentient beings are as limitless as the sky!

be aware!

find the buddha within yourself!

instructions to machig labdron
from her teacher padme sanjay


the yoga lodge serves as a venue for teachers
of other traditions..sherlie miller was a guest.
a lovely woman from san diego who offers
fan tai chi! SNAP!
she took me through the short form
and if i do say so myself, 'twas not too shabby!
she shared some interesting stories about her
home..she lives on the tecolote canyon..
kumeyaay indian tribe..
tecolote means burrowing owl in kumeyaay..
the community gathered force to save the canyon.
if you're in the neighborhood, it's worth a look-see!

at my last dinner with dan and wendy,
she presented me with the peace gift
for the next household..
a box of poem cards by the local poet,
david whyte.
she also shared some fantabulous
homemade mango bars.
i will see if i can get the recipe, yes?

wendy and dan were such giving brightness..
sharing the riches of their land and lives together..
highly recommended!

sally g. had called some days before..
a retreat happening further south.
the chod with tsultrim allione..
a dakini practice that uses the bell and the drum..
the exact drum beat of my peacefeet!
sally sponsored me, fed me, slept me !
an auspicious offering;
the timing perfect..

the alternate route has proved itself
as the main road..
seems there is only one way..
whichever way one's going!

sally and carmen picked me up at the morning class
and ferried me ..HA!..AH!..
to deeper woods and retreat.
the practices are cultivated for the benefit of all beings..
for their release from suffering..
for peace!

carmen's husband,
michael hansen
has written a book..

another way to be
the path within

although i did not get a chance to read it,
i found the practice of the new moon cycle
very worthwhile..
bet watermark book company has it!

One day I will
the gift I once had has been taken.

The place I have made for myself
belongs to another.
The words I have sung
are being sung by the ones
I would want.

Then I will be ready
for that voice
and the still silence in which it arrives.

And if my faith is good
then we'll meet again
on the road
and we'll be thirsty,
and stop
and laugh
and drink together again

from the deep well of the way things are.

david whyte

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


"we may become aware that worldly concerns and distractions
keep us trapped in samsara,
and we may feel an intense desire to be
liberated from it.
then we find ourselves
at the meeting point of two paths:
one leads to liberation
and the other to the lesser destinies
of samsara."
dilgo kyenstse rinpoche

this was the welcome offering
on the studio table for the day..
the class was filled with intention
by the students.
wendy leads the practice with beauty and wisdom.
dan, her fiance (what good fortune for them both)
joined in and i had the pleasure of a delicious meal
with them both afterwards..
wendy embodies yoga enthusiastically..
her cooking is the same..
it was a delicious evening!
i partook of four classes while i was
at the lodge..all just what the walking doctor ordered!
breakfast and dinner were served at the lodge
so i high-tailed it back to the greenbank farms
for another lunch with the banchee bread..

i walked the road in reverse order
but when i came to a turn..
right or left????
i was at a loss..
(how will i get across the the u.s?)
a vw bus turned up the road just then; i waved them down.
bob and ceese from minnesota..
they had a map which helped us all;
they were looking for lunch also!
i hopped in..
on to the pies!
bob mentioned he was in the 2nd year
of chemo for lung cancer.
keep on breathin', bob!
they have embraced their lives (and each other)
with that gusto that arrives
from the wisdom of insecurity.
they were on an adventure that
led them to the northwest
getting them closer to family.
i told them of the peace trail
and they offered to buy me lunch!
i accept!

(it is clear to me that i speak about food
quite often on blogspot!)
it is ground for communion,
the sacrament of breaking bread.
let us eat together more often;
let us feed one another!

we all enjoyed the same lunch
i had the day before..
that means pie ala mode 2 days in a row..
i told you the road is generous!
we spoke intimately about life,
impermanence, things that last..
good books..hat hair!
meeting by the roadside hungry,
we took our leave in contented fellowship
on the path to peace.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

live apple pie (for a good peace!)

1/2 cup shredded coconut, more if desired for garnishing
1 cup walnuts, ground
1 cup pitted dates, soaked in water to cover for 15 minutes
1/2 cup soaked sunflower seed, soaked 20 minutes,
drained and rinsed
4 cups shredded apples
2 1/2 teaspoons cinnamon
1/2 cup apple juice
2/3 cup raisins, or dried figs, or prunes

Mix together the shredded coconut, walnuts, pitted dates, and sunflower seeds in the food processor and press it out into a pie shell to form your crust. Set aside. Grate enough apples to fill an oblong cake pan generously, about 4 cups, and place them in a large mixing bowl. Add cinnamon, apple juice and raisins together and blend. Stir the blended mixture into the bowl of grated apples and mix thoroughly. Fill the pie crust with the apple filling. Garnish with more shredded coconut. Serve or refrigerate. Keeps well covered in refrigerator for 2 days. This is a delicious fruit meal or festive gathering dessert. Serves 8-10

Compliments of Carolyn B. greenbank farms...

traveling peace foot no where near greenbank farms
retracing steps for blogabout

after enjoying valerie's tasty meals,
i was ready for more....
knowing that greenbank farms and whidbey pies
were en route to the yoga lodge.
along wanamaker road,
i met with a couple from australia!
we praised the sun, the land and each other.

highway walking is very windy..
the cars become the wind,
the wind becomes a tailspin,
the tailspin becomes a dust bowl,
the wave (hello) becomes the highway,
the highway is the wind..
need i say, one does wind down the road!

as best i can, i keep one foot in front of the other
not looking to the destination..
i did see up ahead a looming high road..
ready for lunch, ( right after breakfast),
i chanted for greenbank farms to come first..
amazing! mantra is flawless!
greenbank farms AND my connecting road
are miraculously placed at the foot of the hill.
i walked into the farm lands off the highway
along the green rolling landscape to
screaming banchee bread and lunch.
it was barley vegetable soup,
pesto and cheese sandwich (on banchee bread)
rhubarb pie ala mode,
plenty of water and tea.
with my shoes off, my pack
and elephant joining me for lunch,
a couple on their way out asked
if babar, the elephant, was a republican?
o my o no o
i assured them that he was not;
french, actually!

john, a man from anacortes approached me.
he had heard about the walk
and we had a peaceful conversation
about inner disarmament, our personal war zones,
and j. krishnamurti.
you are the world and the world is you.

the road to the yoga lodge was just across the highway.
smuggler's cove was lined with trees and fallen branches,
sweet smelling cedar, fresh breath!
belly full, i arrived at the lodge..
welcomed by maggie, an open-hearted
cavalier king charles spaniel..
and wendy, the owner and generous hostess.
cheque them out @
you can see a pix of maggie and her feline friend, houdini..
i was shown to a sweet space for sleeping and made ready
for an anusaura yoga class.

the journey is so generous,
there is nothing but the open palm..
peace in action..
wllingness to be heart,

as i write to catch up on my adventures..along an alternate route..
there have been peace vigils throughout our nation..
may i suggest...? ...a dvd that was shared
the night marking the 4th year of bewilderment..

i know i am not alone
michael franti
a musican's search for the human cost of war

i am receiving love lettres everyday from so many..
about my shins..they are rested..
suggestions for just about everything..
love lettres from strangers who have found the blog;
we are not alone!

the long way 'round

stay tuned!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Rosehip and Hull

as much as that sounds like a pub in ireland..
'tis the next step on the peace trail..
libraries are wonderful spots for travelers..
warmth and clean bathrooms,
pleasant folks welcoming one..
at least an hour on the wide web..
and then all those books!
i left the coupeville library with a satisfied smile..
the blog safely tucked in for the afternoon..
on my way to rosehip farm,
i saw the local sheriff in his sweats
gathering his mail from the box;
waiting for his children's schoolbus!
i ambled into the rosehip farm
and helped myself to the back door..
suddenly i am in a rowdy pool hall..
it's the sound of money on video
with valerie on the couch sniffling..nursing a cold.
we introduced ourselves,
i shed off my shoes and slipped on her slip-ons
and went out to the gardens..
where i met the fresh faces of linda, the farmer
erika, the farm hand and CHARLEY, the huge..
the afternoon was grey, the grey that re-creates the soul
(not my poetics)
yet the light in those faces and from the very earth herself was big..
as big as CHARLEY's tail..
back at the farmhouse,
i pulled out carolyn's pie recipe and clip to gift my hosts..

Ah! the spoon..
it started at the pot luck with capt. d's handmade holly wood spoon.
i was to give it away on my travels..
i hesitated briefly as i am a spoon lover and collector myself..
i did, however, see the bigger picture
so decided to offer the spoon to my first host, irmi..
i asked if she would offer a gift to the next house..
which she did in a heartbeat..a spoon from her special friend in germany..
carolyn received the colourful spoon
and offered a pewter clip and apple pie recipe..
which i will include soon..
the pie went to rosehip farm and garden
cheque them out at:
they be great girls working the earth!

we chattered away, erika took her leave
and we had a delicous meal of veggie soup with
beans from..where?
olde, heirloom treasures that erika brought back from????
a call from erika tells us the port townsend ferry is down.
a hole in the hull..
imagine that!?
there is a catch in the bigger get-along..
never mind my hip..
made some calls with a promise of a boat..maybe..
i met harlan (pepper) the cat
had a hot..i mean hot tub..
soaked waay into the bone of things
then went a' sleeping in linda's upstairs bed..
(book on bedside..the path by chet raymo)
imagine! a stranger to one another
and she offers her bundle bed to me..
isn't this the peace we are?

early morning sliver moon right through the crack of lace curtains..
is there anything that is not divine?
erika arrives with kami, CHARLEY's girl..
a wiley, wildy wonderful dog..
after brekkie and dishes and laundry on the line
went for a walk..2 miler to the ferry..
to cheque on the service..
no weight
just a wander..
aire knees..
out for 3 days to 2 weeks..says the ferry gent..
news from a customer, not the department..
raven, yes! 2 ravens..
swooped me..
look! look!
a crab boat..
so over to see if i can hitch a ride..
a little slo to offer but brett and john
did say i could come back at 4pm;
they'd take me across..
on the walk back the very earth herself was so fragrant
honeysuckle and camomile..
the earth, i tell you..

the farmers finished early as the day turned nasty..
not quite the weather you'd enjoy taking a wee whaler across the big deep,
yet i was determined and linda offered to drive me down..
i had already walked the miles!
we waited, and walked and chittered away..
no show..
back to rosehip for
another dandy meal and sweet dreams. it goes that down the road one finds adventure..
valerie leads us through some early am yoga...
tasty farm breakfast and
the three beauties walked me a while,
sending heirloom beans (1 pound, mind you!)
from their own fields..
to carry to wendy at the yoga next stop!
from coupeville to greenbank
peace is a slow wind, an easy stride..
the brilliance of only this now!

Monday, March 12, 2007

have i biten off more than i can shoe?

the ribbion of highway has lead me to coupeville..
after a satisfying meal at the imperial gardens
(thank you, dear joyce)
(imagine! there was a gent there who was at deception cafe as we lunched the previous day..he shows up seated right behind us..)
i was handed off to carolyn and her wonderdog CD
(cute dog).
she and michael welcomed me into their home with a sauna
for the evening and i slept sweet and easy..
shin splints have arrived with great gusto..
hip is dancing to the beat of a different drum..
and i wonder as i wander..
...more than i can shoe?
carolyn, who is a massage therapist,
offered her healing touch to the above mentioned spots
and i traded my dark chocolat bar (thank you, angelita)
for a space looks like tin foil yet 3 people
have convinced me of its worth and is weightless!
carolyn walked me a wee-ways after mighty breakfast..
solitary refinement on the backroads to the knead and feed..
cheryl, or is it sheryl? or is it sherry?..the housekeeper
for bob and patty saw me along the way and i was cheered onward to the coveland park..
ducks, kingfishers, and a passel of red-wingers have gifted me with their chants of good morning..
and i say over and over, i am not my shins..
i am an olde pool of peace!

did i say against...?????

INTO...INTO the wind..
a person of peace is not for or against anything!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

walking against the wind

o my o
after a most delicious respite with irmi at her log home
(cathy and howard delivered my left-at-home hoodie)
i wandered off down the hill to my next destination..
the oak harbor library..guess where i am?
where i will meet joyce s. and carolyn b.
for chinese and a bed!
as i was walking into the wind,
red-tails flying brightly above..
and many waves of good will..
ben s. (nancy's son)
stopped to walk awhile..
filled me with vigor!
wondered if indeed we left a big enough tip
for the crew at deception pass grill..yumm!
so ben will drop off another offering, just in case!
janet e. drove by with her pup and honked..
giving me another boost..
then in the valley lands
where the cows rest before going up the hill to ault field
a small to her wobbling legs, looking straight at me..
ran at least 20 steps in the direction i was heading..
simple pleasures are the best!
stopped at bob and patty's chiropractic office to aire out
before i strode into the library..
meeting with jurgen and jan and their dog, dolly..
they have stickers for their cars and i have bio-freeze for my knees!
it was a moving day yesterday in o so many ways!
i send praises to all who joined in..
we be peace!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

XXVI e.e. cummings

when god decided to invent
everything he took one
breath bigger than a circustent
and everything began

when man determined to destroy
himself he picked the was
of shall and finding only why
smashed it into because

live the questions,
there are no answers..
only YES