Monday, April 27, 2015


at day's end
we try to remain
speak colorfully,
for words 
are like the clothes we wear ~
we wear them 
on our tongues.
          - sanchez

21 breaths 
inhale exhale = one breath
clear mind
open heart..
we wear them 
on our tongues ~

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

earth day 2015

...and we are still here ~

to glorify
to honor
to care for
the vast delights of mother earth..

Please Come Home  ~  

Please come home. Please come home.
Find the place where your feet know where to walk
And follow your own trail home.

Please come home. Please come into your own body,
Your own vessel, your own earth.
Please come home into each and every cell
And fully into the space that surrounds you.

Please come home. Please come home to trusting yourself,
and your instincts and your ways and your knowings,
And even the particular quirks of your personality.

Please come home. Please come home and once you are firmly there,
please stay home awhile and come to deep rest within.
Please treasure your home. Please love and embrace your home.
Please get a deep, deep sense of what it's like to be truly home.

Please come home. Please come home and when you're really, 
really ready,
And there's a detectable urge on the outbreath, then please come out.
Please come home and please come forward.
Please express who you are to us, and please trust us
To see you and hear you and touch you
and recognize you as best we can.

Please come home. Please come home and let us know
all the nooks and crannies that are calling to be seen.
Please come home, and let us know the More
that is there that wants to come out.

Please come home. Please come home,
and when you feel yourself home, please welcome us too,
for we too forget that we belong and are welcome,
and that we are called to express fully who we are.

Please come home. Please come home.
You and you and you and me.

Please come home. Please come home.
Thank you, Earth for welcoming us.
And thank you touch of eyes and ears and skin,
touch of love for welcoming us.

May we wake up and remember who we truly are.

Please come home. 
Please come home.
Please come home.
                       ~Jane Hooper

Monday, April 13, 2015

a wing and a prayer..flapping in the breeeeezy...

impermanence is a principle of harmony.
when we don't struggle against it,
we are in harmony with reality.
                     ~ pema chodron

may i take a moment to thank profusely
the teachers who have stepped in and stepped up
to keep a wing in the aire?

jeri lancaster who will teach wednesday eve (7PM)
 and friday morn (9AM) as well as her monday eve (7PM) ~

kathy johnson who will teach tuesday / thursday (8AM)
as well as new classes : monday morn (8AM) yin, 
tuesday eve (5:30PM) and thursday morn (9:45AM) ~

julie cowen who will teach saturday morn (9AM) ~


please join in and find the harmony in these changes..
~ i am entrusting you to one another ~
         the dictionary says..
entrust - putting someone (something) into
someone's care or protection..

may it be just so!

palms together in gratitude..sincerely..
for all who fly on a wing

the way it is

there's a thread you follow. it goes among
things that change. but it doesn't change.
people wonder about what you are pursuing.
you have to explain about the thread.
but it is hard for others to see.
while you hold it you can't get lost.
tradegdies happen; people get hurt
or die; and you suffer and get old.
nothing you do can stop time's unfolding.
you don't ever let go of the thread.

               ~ william stafford

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

hearts and bones..sit schedule..come!

pearls do not live on the seashore..
if you want one - 
you must dive for one ~
             oriental proverb

Sunday april 12

Sunday may 17
Sunday june 14
( Julie Cowen will oversee these two for you!)

4-6 pm
by donation

No foolin' ~ new yogini ~ yoga schedule

i must learn to love the fool in me -
who feels too much,
talks too much
& takes too many chances....
                       theodore issac rubin

here it is ~ the new schedule for  a wing..
please note :
Kathy has moved in!
Jeri will not be teaching her Monday 
evening class April 6, 13 and 20..
she'll be back the 27th..

you'll find the bio of each teacher, 
their class schedule and class fee..

'tis a change and a mighty one..

Jeri Lancaster
Jeri's yoga practice began in 2002, with dunja.  She still remembers doing her first full back bend ever in her first yoga class ever.  Jeri kept practicing with dunja and other local teachers, not just for the physical benefits of the practice, but because yoga gave her a place to quiet her mind.  She completed her yoga teacher training during the summer of 2013, at Flow Yoga in Hood River.  The catchphrase during the teacher training was: "advanced yoga is not advanced asana, advanced yoga is advanced awareness."  That phrase sums up what we are trying to find in our yoga practice, starting from a deep awareness of the body in the pose, then working towards an awareness of what's happening in our heart and mind.
In Jeri's classes, there is a balance between careful attention to physical alignment and simple movements that flow with the breath.  Students are guided into poses in ways that add to their bodies strength and ease, and to use the practice as a meditation in motion to ease their minds.  (All while not taking ourselves too seriously, of course.)

monday 6:30 pm  
may and june
wednesday 7 pm
friday 9 am
drop-in $15  ~  classes for $60

Kathy Johnson RYT
Kathy has been practicing Hatha and Vinyasa style yoga for over 14 years.  She initially tried yoga hoping to find relief from severe low back pain, and soon found that she not only felt better, but also had more strength and coordination when participating in her favorite sports and activities.
She completed her 200-hr RYT in spring 2014, with a special concentration in Yin yoga, and an additional 100 hours of yoga immersion in early 2015. Kathy appreciates the therapeutic and spiritual benefits that yoga has to offer, especially the calm, peacefulness of pranayama and meditation. Her hope is to help others find yoga and begin to experience the benefits of an alignment-based practice.

Monday 8 am yin practice                     may and june
Tuesday 5:30 pm beginners                   Tuesday 8 am 
Thursday 10  am                                     Thursday 8 am
drop-in $15 ~ 4 classes for $50

Julie Cowen
Julie lives in Anacortes and has been in the Skagit Valley for nearly thirty years. She has studied with dunja through many of those years and has also practiced with others in a variety of classes from Hatha and Vinyasana flow, Anusara, and Iyengar disciplines and in master class study. Julie has a strong connection to nature and loves to get her hands dirty as spiritual practice. Her personal practice focuses on nourishing and opening to the heart's fullest expression.

may and june
Saturday 9 am
 drop-in $15
  9  saturdays for $108

Sue Jones

Sue Jones has been involved with alternative health practices and nursing for over 30 years. She received her yoga certification in 2001 in San Diego and has been involved with teaching small groups in her spare time over the years. She is passionate about mind-body-spirit healing and feels that yoga fits in with this approach perfectly.

Sue will be the honored substitute, if necessary..

what an opportunity for us all to stretch beyond the known..

learn a new language and get a new soul...
                           ~czech proverb