Thursday, March 27, 2014

anacortes yoga cash class benefit / oso saturday april 5

hey now..
saturday april 5th..
9-10:30 am
benefit for oso mudslide..
a wing and a prayer
we will have our regular class..
it will be a cash class..
all the money / cheques will be
offered to heart of anacortes
to add to their benefit on
sunday april 6th

there is a silent auction..
if you have art to donate ~
here is the number of Cassera's in la conner
360 708 4787
a wing and a prayer has offered
two (2)  8-class series certificates
please bid.. and bid high in the sky.. o my!

kindly spread the word for saturday's class..
as there is not time to print up a poster..
remember our thanksgiving YBB..?
awesome, eh?

if you are not able to come and would like to donate..
call Chris @ How It  Works 360 293 3515..
to see how to make it real -

i want to thank all of you who support a wing..
to OraMae for her book..
to all who pledged and received a book..
this is what the funds are for..
how grande!

generosity is a gainful trade..

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

a mountain spring ~ for oso

there is a brook in the mountains,
nobody i ask knows its name.
it shines on the earth like a piece
of the sky. it falls away
in waterfalls, with a sound
like rain. it twists between rocks
and makes deep pools. it divides
into islands. it flows through
calm reaches. it goes its way
with no one to mind it......
          ~ ch`u kuang-hsi

1 PM
bring canned food, clothing..
silent art auction

a wing and a prayer will donate
2  8 - class series
for the auction..
is yoga art?
the art of living

may we be the medicine ~

Saturday, March 22, 2014

equinox 2014

the young sparrow
manifests happiness
in all its wings.

...every feather is a separate pleasure...

Saturday, March 15, 2014


oh speak, poet, what do you do?
                                             --- i praise.
but the monstrosities and the murderous days,
how do you endure them, how do you take them?
                                             --- i praise.
but the anonymous, the nameless grays,
how, poet, do you still invoke them?
                                             --- i praise.
what right have you, in all displays,
in very mask, to be genuine?
                                             --- i praise.
and that the stillness and the turbulent sprays
know you like star and storm?
                                            :--- since i praise.
~ rilke

i say yes! praise be..
to all that is ..
and all who is and was and were..

with high palms folded in the vast above..
thanks be to a wing and a prayer quote book..
creators, binders, buyers and pen..

generous fosters generous..
the donations forthcoming
brought back the floor money..
the india fund i used for re-do..
once more in the goffers..
now gone, gone, gone beyond ~

giving rise to the gift of  picnic  ..
a table to the city..
behind the farmer's market..
the madrona grove..
there will be a picnic table..
in honor of sallie lingwood ~

right after saturday's class..
slipping over to kale and scones..
circling friends at a table under majesty..
thankfulness nourishes..
let us eat praise!
....and cake...

Thursday, March 13, 2014

10 million times! heart sutra sit

this sunday..16 of March..
the day of Buddha's miracle feast
( 15 days of showing off..
which really isn't showing off
if you are the Buddha! )

our heart sutra sit
4-6 pm
imagine..the positive merit
generated by this practice
is anted up 10 million times..
o my o!

throughout my many lives and until this moment
whatever virture i have accomplished
including the merit generated by this practice
and all that i will ever attain,
this i offer to the welfare of sentient beings.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

pinch-hitter for 3 classes 3-18 thru 3-20

summoned am i to the south..
escorting a lass north..back home

hence and soon
shall the classes be guided
by yet another lass..
one jeri lancaster..
the abled one ~

these dates be ye notified..

do enjoy the respite from one such as me
a fresh gander of pose & breath

may the rhapsody of pipes & whistle
delight ye olde heart of the matter..
as st. paddy fills each cup
up, up and overflowing ~

please do remembre :
heart sutra sit
sunday, march 16th 4-6pm
by donation

Monday, March 10, 2014

memory tin ~ march 10 2007

everywhere is walking distance
if you have the time.    
           ~stephen wright    

i had pulled out this red square tin
( house cleaning..for gutor..)
a cookie tin, i think..
a holiday box from cost-co years ago..                                                                                                   given to me by a friend w/ begging bowl in it..
and money..alms.. for the walk i was intending..

now it held the lettres, notes and newspaper clippings -
remnants of my walk-about for peace..
re-reading these bits of notes..
it's as if this journey
you are about to embark on
is setting so many of us free.   
a mendicant..indeed ~
"in my own way i admire your dreams
enclosed is a tuppence for your bowl.."

" i am not excited about your pilgrimage on foot;
our America today is not very similar to the America of Thoreau,
sad to say! i will pray for you.
enclosed is a small check to add to your bowl."    (my auntie l.)

"step by step walk ten thousand miles safely,
everyone has a chance to fill 'empty bowl'
for exchanging of good karma ..."

it has been 7 years since my walk for peace ~
march 10, 2007
first heading to california to see the dalai lama..
then plans to keep going across america..

in the tin were long lettres and missives
from yoga students...all friends..
stories and tales of our practices together..
through pregnancy and the birth of children
you have guided my poses with nudges and humor.
you have influenced so many peoples lives
including my own;
your energy radiates like ripples on the water.
i know you'll have an amazing adventure.
i am counting on the day that your shoes will wear out
and your knees will need a home to rest in..
that you'll be back and we will stretch and breathe together again..

sounds like a walkabout for you.
the wonder of it all is near and far.
how blessed you are
to be a star 
so bizarre 
watch out world
the witness is free on you.
smiling at the game
wanting to know your name
no longer bound
to all the hullabaloou
all around.
"walking not talking"
a presence  aware of you.
you are like music.
we can have and not hold.
may your cup or bowl overflow
with blessings.
              - john michael simon

lyrics from songs..lyric
As I was walking that ribbon of highway,
I saw above me that endless skyway:
I saw below me that golden valley:
This land was made for you and me.
When the sun came shining, and I was strolling,
And the wheat fields waving and the dust clouds rolling,
As the fog was lifting a voice was chanting:
This land was made for you and me.
                                   ~woody g.

lettres i had written to my mama ~
easter sunday
dear mama,
i have 20 days to get to san francisco to see the dalai lama..
then dave (duck) will help me chart my route across the country..
i would like to depart on may 25th..
blood sugar is weepy but i keep walking..
meeting very amazing folks -
people are peace ~
what a blister on my heel!
salta prima di inacidire  ~ leap before you sour

feathers and red strings and mystery notes ~
aw, this world 
of dust and money 
and war.
      and yet,
here is something beautiful...
it's color begins in your hand.
it's shape is your touch.

a hand-made bracelet which says:
feeling light within - i walk
         ~ navaho song

pictures of the walk..
early morning at mt. erie parking lot..
it was COLD!
mama was there in her wheel chair,
nancy, too, showed up in hers..
we all rolled and strolled and strode..
stepping forward to embrace peace..
many walked with me across deception pass bridge that day..
i rested that eve in coronet bay at irmi's home..

you cannot travel on the path before you have become the path..
as it turned out,
i did not have the humankind..
to keep walking across the u. s. of a.
actually, i did not have the faith in myself  ~
my feet took me to crescent city, though..
we must find it in ourselves before we can find it in others..

a trek w/o a destination -
you must know that even though you were disappointed
in the curtailment of your journey -
to me and to others ..
it had the appearance of a great accomplishment
requiring compassion, concentration and wisdom..
i myself cannot imagine walking across the county
much less two and a half states!
     -p. d.

there were many, many more messages..
so kind loving..
flattering & appreciative -
expounding my greatness of this and that.. 
pride thought .. hummm..?
i must save these ..
when i die and these are found 
all will see the how dandy i was!!!!
of course, that thought obliterated itself
as i set about to let go of the olde ..
time to release..leave no trace..
~ the burning bowl is full of ash ~

my knees and the trees and the gravel
recall every step of that most spirited journey..
on the path to be the path..

went back & re-read the walkabout blogposts..
i vividly remembre composing and singing my chudpa walking tree song
o you trees...
the big baaad dog
foaming at the mouth..
the proposal from harvey
not a good idea -
the tin foil blanket
space age science?..noooo -
the truckers - the couches -
the wet, wet rain -
      i  do remembre ~

Saturday, March 8, 2014

woman's day

it was a name of a magazine my mama brought home from the grocer..
it is international women's day today..
it is my mama's 4th year anniversary..her death day ~

when i went to cheque it out a bit
there were big ads for shoes and handbags..
goes to show where women's interests lie, i guess..
handbags..pocketbooks..purses have become big business..
shoes, shoes and more shoes..
okay .... so what else interests us?

wonder what the ads for international men's day would be?

have we come a long way, baby?

i miss my mama and her handbag ~

she'd teach her children that these things were nothing;
clothes, toys, furniture.
these things fool people into thinking 
they must stay where the things are.
leave it all, she'd teach them.
even all your dreams of safe, calm places.
go with what is most terrifying.
always choose love over safety, if you can tell the difference.
                            ~ josephine humpreys


Sunday, March 2, 2014

hearty sutra sit march 16th..

sunday, march 16th..
4 - 6 pm
we'll be sitting, walking, chanting

the heart sutra
om gate gate..

for the benefit of all beings
resting in the art & heart
of compassion
of kindness..

by donation

come, come..
join us!

it is only with the heart 
one can see clearly...
        ~ little, wee prince