Friday, August 19, 2011

letting go


it has always been a most delightful thing
for me to sell oodles of stuff
that seems to accumulate
in cupboards, closets, under stairways..
to offer stuff to goodwill, soroptimist, st.paul's
to unstuff the stuff that stuff stuffs up...

it is my vision
to have so little stuff when i die,
that no one will
have to fiddle-dee-dee with stuff..
since i am getting older..
closer to my death day..
we know that death is certain
yet not the time of death

it makes perfect sense
to be on the trajectory
of unstuffing stuff..

i remembre a scene from the movie -
the razor's edge..
the newer one with bill murray..
how he went up to the himalayas..
up, up into the snowy peaks..
with his bag of books..
he ended up..
ripping out the pages of books
to use as kindling/firewood..
to keep warm..
the smile of understanding on his face was..

then there are clothes..
i know, i know..
ricardo montaban says:
it is better to look good than to feel good!
& he may have something there..
yet how much, how many..
i have waaaay too many shoes..
how many feet do i have?
in india.. moons ago,
i was in the market
with a teacher and friend..
we were shopping for hats..
i wanted more than one..of course..
he simply said..
how many heads do you have?
i bought two..
.... two heads!

kitchen stuff..
dishes, silver, pots and pans..
bedding..sheets and pillows..
we must have more than one head..
all those best western hotels
have at least four pillows on each bed..
and a few more in the closet!

bags and baskets..and boxes..
these come in very handy
to put all the stuff
that stuff needs to be stuffed in...

being homeless..
relatively speaking..
bags are invaluable..
bag it.. in the bag..
i have baskets full of boxes and boxes full of bags..

i have only one car, one bike..
that's a relief..
no boats, or motorcycles or rv's..
one phone, one laptop, one printer..
one electric tea kettle ~

too much stuff..
too much energi thinking about stuff..
unstuff the mind....
tea..that's it..
time for a cuppa..

drinking a cup of tea,
i unstuffed the world

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

how to give money away and why...

first off,
decide how much you want to give away for a day..
turn the cash into one dollar bills..
then fold all the 1$ bills three times..
this is the number of manifestation..
so i'm told..
by folding it thrice, it offers the recipient
the opportunity for manifesting more...
then, buy your copy of REAL CHANGE..
just so that is over and done with..
every time the real change vendor
comes onto you, you can smile broadly
and show him/her your copy..
then buy a few for the people waiting at the crosswalk..
just for fun..

make it fun..
will you give money to the 3rd person who requests?
will you give money to everyone who asks until the well runs dry?
will you be selective as to the colour of their eyes?
i make a point NOT to give it to someone who is scamming me..
i tell them to get real and maybe..just maybe..
i'll think about delivering a manifesting buck ..
i slip one in the palm of a sleeping lady heaped up on a light post,
i give one to the first nation carver on the waterfront,
to the fella who wants a burger but really a beer...

whenever you yourself are feeling low on cash..
this is the very best time to give away money..
particularly those 3 way one spots!

and why?
the only answer i know..
why not?

in paris a queer little man you may see,
a little man all in gray;
rosy and round as an apple is he,
content with the present whate'er it may be,
while from care and from cash he is equally free,
and merry both night and day!
'ma foi! i laugh at the world,' says he,
'i laugh at the world, and the world laughs at me!'
what a gay little man in gray.
- pierre jean de beranger

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

inuk shook angel glacier

in her own words

great things happen when (wo)men and mountain meet...
~ blake

i could hear them coming..feel them step, step, stepping
before i saw them..the two twins of sintaluta..
the tail of the red fox..
the width of their smiles gave their whereabouts to me..
the weight of their sandaled feet..
the mischief in their hearts..

snestled in under mount edith cavell
in the largest national park in the canadian rockies..jasper..
i hang my wings which are slowly melting..slowingflowing
back to the waters of grace..
named for my angel wings and high holy hum presence,
i offer a stretch and a breath to visitors who awe! at edith mountain,
who rest around the pale bleu turquoise pool below us both..
the fresh water gathered from melt..

i digress..
as i made mention..

the energi the two girls carried announced their presence..
my eyes wide open to see what was heading my way...
then i heard the yellow head...

we must build inukshuk here..
we must stack the stone
we must place the rock
to claim the brilliance
of such a place....

the dark head hesitated as the yellow head
jumped off the path and began
the shift,
the move of rock to pile..
dark one..smiled..i could hear her smile..
jumped off the path to put her three cents in...
quick as pikas they created a most pleasant inukshuk..
small, tender and awake..
the stack presenting an honor
of mountain
of majesty
of jesty...

they jumped back on the path..
aha! acha! the response from my left wing ventricle.....
for i could not help myself ..
as the wise ones say:
a candle flickers in tibet,
every time i move..

the avalanche began right on time, in time, out of time...
slow, loud, magnificent..
the stones of ice and tumble found the path
down, down, down..
the rush and flush of weighty wet,
rime rock glace'
gushing down the distance
lashing, crashing
while the fox kits watched in astonishing amazement..
the other onlookers looking on in wonderment
down, down, down..
bursting plentifully
the great bleu indescribable colour of ice turned water
cascading.. solid for stream
the dream of inukshuk..
one move of a rock or two or six..
and the world turns awake..
mother, dear mother nature
remodeled.. uncoddled.. spew! anew!

delighted by the caring and the daring of two tricksters
who played in the bigtime with joy o boy..
i'd have to say..
they made my day..
i happen to know..
i made their way ~

Sunday, August 7, 2011

clear seeing...

someone who sees you
and does not laugh out loud,
or fall silent,
or explode into pieces,
is nothing more than
the cement and stone
of his own prison...


Saturday, August 6, 2011

away ~

the cycle which includes
our coming and going
has no discernible
beginning nor end;
nobody has got this matter straight -
where we come from
and where we go to....

~ rubaiyat of omar khayyam

Thursday, August 4, 2011

here, there and everywhere....

....the past has not passed away
but is eternally preserved somewhere
or other
continues to be real and really influential
is so closely interwoven
that separation is only approximate......

~ pavel florensky