Tuesday, August 9, 2011

inuk shook angel glacier

in her own words

great things happen when (wo)men and mountain meet...
~ blake

i could hear them coming..feel them step, step, stepping
before i saw them..the two twins of sintaluta..
the tail of the red fox..
the width of their smiles gave their whereabouts to me..
the weight of their sandaled feet..
the mischief in their hearts..

snestled in under mount edith cavell
in the largest national park in the canadian rockies..jasper..
i hang my wings which are slowly melting..slowingflowing
back to the waters of grace..
named for my angel wings and high holy hum presence,
i offer a stretch and a breath to visitors who awe! at edith mountain,
who rest around the pale bleu turquoise pool below us both..
the fresh water gathered from melt..

i digress..
as i made mention..

the energi the two girls carried announced their presence..
my eyes wide open to see what was heading my way...
then i heard the yellow head...

we must build inukshuk here..
we must stack the stone
we must place the rock
to claim the brilliance
of such a place....

the dark head hesitated as the yellow head
jumped off the path and began
the shift,
the move of rock to pile..
dark one..smiled..i could hear her smile..
jumped off the path to put her three cents in...
quick as pikas they created a most pleasant inukshuk..
small, tender and awake..
the stack presenting an honor
of mountain
of majesty
of jesty...

they jumped back on the path..
aha! acha! the response from my left wing ventricle.....
for i could not help myself ..
as the wise ones say:
a candle flickers in tibet,
every time i move..

the avalanche began right on time, in time, out of time...
slow, loud, magnificent..
the stones of ice and tumble found the path
down, down, down..
the rush and flush of weighty wet,
rime rock glace'
gushing down the distance
lashing, crashing
while the fox kits watched in astonishing amazement..
the other onlookers looking on in wonderment
down, down, down..
bursting plentifully
the great bleu indescribable colour of ice turned water
cascading.. escapading..trading solid for stream
the dream of inukshuk..
one move of a rock or two or six..
and the world turns awake..
mother, dear mother nature
remodeled.. uncoddled.. spew! anew!

delighted by the caring and the daring of two tricksters
who played in the bigtime with joy o boy..
i'd have to say..
they made my day..
i happen to know..
i made their way ~

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