Sunday, December 27, 2015

new frontiers

birds that live on a golden mountain 
reflect the color of the gold
                                        tibetan proverb

it is always a challenge..maybe even a struggle..
marrying the two..spiritual practice and the practical spirit..
perhaps not an easy task for many..
if one has the inclination toward contemplative practice..
if one has the passion for life and art and action..

what else are our lives 
but diminishing tapers of wax, 
sputtering already in long flame?

art and activism shadow one another;
they destroy one another:
but they share the same inescapable, 
irreducible bedrock fuel - passion.

love or fury.
love and fury...
i would rather fail at both
than be disloyal to one..
i would rather be 
ragged-thin and weary 
than brittle.
                rick bass

how to splice the ropes of life?
braid the dark and light
activity and stillness..
mundane and sublime entwine

thomas merton  -
leading an active life
yet immensly desiring a contemplative one -

i feel in my bones that i will never have any peace
until i kiss everything good-bye,
even my highest ideals and aspirations ..
this thing will die hard.
if i make a little less fuss about it,
i will be satisfied in the future..

holy spirit,
fill me with your simplicity -
teach me to avoid getting myself into useless works
by my own blind and impetuous will..
love will be my beatitude..
my heart burns within me with joy!

love passion gold

be the bird. be the mountain. be the gold.
fly, fly away ~

conflict arises when we want things to be other than they are.
                                                            j. krishnamurti

Sunday, December 20, 2015

winter solstice - dogen zenji

heaven has a singular clarity.
earth has a renewed peacefulness.
each person attains ease.
the season moves into light.
this is the time when days become longer.

this is the timeless moment to attain buddha ancestors' infinite life.
all of you aspire and practice within this timelessness.
endeavoring to follow the way, you must actualize one phrase.
when timelessness is realized, you are powerful.
when timelessness is realized, you are alive.

bring forth the three hundred sixty days
with beads made of buddha ancestor body.
what do you achieve day by day?
the buddha ancestor body and mind.
what do you achieve day by day?

the buddha ancestors' body and mind are timelessness.
your true face is a great jewel forming in heaven.
how long have you awaited timelessness?
this auspicious day knows the increasing light of opportunity.

the sun reaches the southernmost declination!
the north pole tilted furthest away from the sun -
o my o!

the heart of yule is evergreen
the old year gone, the new pristine
the wheel again will turn to spring
this blessed time much joy to bring
                   ~ cari ferraro

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

mystic travelers cheques

yesterday i was wandering in wonder around asilomar..
the great outdoors of dunes and sea..
of cypress and pine ~
i slipped into the lodge to the ladies room..
in the waste receptacle i discovered an envelope ...
the words : mystic travelers cheques within printed on it..

the envelope was empty..
i did retrieve it ..however..
and plan to use it to call in the above  ...

this is the time..of the mystic heart..
wayne teasdale speaks of it :

the mystic heart in its maturity
reflects the essential elements, gifts and genius 
of the tradition of spiritual wisdom:
an actual moral capacity, 
solidarity with all living beings,
deep nonviolence, humility,
spiritual practice, ripened self-knowledge,
simplicity of life, selfless service
compassionate action and the prophetic voice.

these are further refined through a series of capacities
that result from our inner journey:
openness, presence, listening, 
being, seeing, spontaneity and joy..
all.. a part of the universal mystical tradition
that undergirds the cultures of the world..

a universal spirituality as transformation
from self-interest to other-centeredness,
compassion, mercy and loving-kindness.
this is the work of the contemplative in all of us -
we, then, cultivate our own mystic character..
the mystic being grows out of humilty of heart,
simplicity of spirit and a radical openness to what is real.

although the mystic travelers cheques have yet to appear..
i  do have the envelope..
no doubt it will be filled to the brim ~
it will come from my own giving..
the alchemy of generosity and gratitude brings the gifts,
fills the baskets, loads the envelopes ..

what would i spend the cheques on, anyway?
i'll let you know...

Monday, December 7, 2015

churning the big nectar

wave action..
hanuman has been busy this morning..
his churning rod has not been still..
the ocean floor has been tumbled and pummeled..
the ruckus, hubbub and commotion of the deep vast
rock tumbling at its most magnificent..
rearranging the earth beneath the  swells..
ancient colossals playing marbles ~
boulder tosses of the giants..

surfers look longingly at the waves they live for..
knowing not a one will venture out..
those same waves - the death of them -

walking along the shore's edge..
wet with NaCl spray..
crashing open the moist heart of compassion
soaking up the morning's tonglen practice..
saturating the parched anguished desert ..
the dusty roads of refugees ..

how does one live a life of grace
when others swoon too soon to their demise..?

i dunno..
just breathe them in..breathe them out..
i am the world, the world is me..
you are the world, the world is you..
*salt of the this..

overcome your uncertainties.
free yourself from dwelling on sorrow.
if you delight in existence -
you will be a guide.   
reveal the path.
               ~ buddha

keep churning the nectar, hannuman..
i am following your lead ~

* salt of the earth
- a person or group of people
of great kindness, reliability
and honesty -

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

here, there & everywhere ~

long seeking it through others
i was far from reaching it
now - i go by myself
i meet it everywhere
             ~ dongshan

the long and winding road..
grace and clear skies were traveling companions southwest..

the mountains outfitted in snowpetticoats ..
thick and riffled..
even shasta had her kirtle..

lake was low..
sky bent down deep to meet the moist..
radiant and glimmering..
trees were frost bitten and seemed glad for it..
roadways clear and moving with the light..

mila prius pony..
saddled to the brim
a bit of vanity tingeing her cheerfulness..
she, too, is at her best free-wheelin'..

thanks giving 2015
'tis a gift to be simple...

we had a mighty basket full
from our thanksgiving yoga class..
a cheque to the stanwood nuns
went out that very day
for $339 !
thank you for stretching the offering
and for those who presented a gift
even though not on your mat..

take a peek @ quiet light candles website
to see what's up..
their gift shoppe hours are posted..
the best! holiday cookies ever..

the ocean's edge was welcoming..
the redpinkmaroonpurpleorange
painted skyscape sunrise
rose to meet the barefoot surfer and board
running  to the waves to beat the crowds ~

this was my home for many a moon
when i was young and wily..
i like coming back to the wildebeest
the young heart that beats the reach

now - i go by myself
i meet it everywhere