Friday, February 20, 2015

ides of march heart sutra sit

mark your march calendar for the
15th of march
4-6 pm
by donation

come and sit still
chant a wee while
walk the walk

happy new year!
wood sheep ~
tashi delek!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

here's what's up !

growing up
one of my wings beat faster,
i couldn't help it -
the one away from the light.

it hurt to be told all the time
how i loved that terrible flame.
                ~william stafford

to make a long story shorter..
the yoga classes will run as scheduled
thru the end of april!

in may and june, the same schedule will be available
with new and brilliant teachers and guides..
in july ~
beginning tuesday, the 7th..of july
i'll be back for the next four months..
july thru octobre..
the same brilliant teachers and guides..
(more or less)
will lead you through classes
thru the winter season..thru spring..

i plan to return in may of 2016
(who, in heaven's name can know all this?)
for another 6 months of sharing the dharma..

it will be a spiced up version of a wing and a prayer 
with new vitality..
some younger teachers..
refreshing new classes..
what a miracle!
then the olde teabag and soup pot
will arrive to stir things up..
please stay close, if you can..
let's unfold the mystery together!

the sun came up differently today.
souls move in the changing light.

jupiter, the moon, the good luck house we inhabit,
the friend, all one presence today,
this grand health where we are servants to each other.

one who pours wine and makes toasts
arrives at the banquet just as it is over.

it is the perfect beginning for ending,
as feet become head in this new way.
        ~ rumi

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

heart sutra sit... february 15

the old man
must have stopped our car
two dozen times to climb out
and gather into his hands
the small toads blinded
by our lights and leaping,
drops of rain.

the rain was falling,
a mist about his white hair
and i kept saying
you can't save them all,
accept it, get back in
we've got places to go.

but, leathery hands full
of wet brown life,
knee deep in the summer
roadside grass,
he just smiled and said
they have places to go
             ~birdfoot's granpa
               joseph bruchac

we are practicing for the great benefit of all beings..
we are not crossing the great ocean ahead of anyone..
we bow before our ancestors and all sentient beings..
we practice for the great vast!

4-6 PM
by donation

Monday, February 2, 2015

the heart of the matter-valentine's 2015

stuff your eyes with wonder ..
live as if you'd drop dead in ten seconds.
                        ~ ray bradbury

there has been some kind of whirly-gig 
with my balance and the gravitational pull and push..
1000 miles an hour, you know ~
after the rib stumble..
and the next two tumbles..
i am paying attention!

withdrawal can be the very best way 
of stepping forward 
and done well, a beautiful freeing act of mercy.
withdrawal is often not what it looks like - 
a disappearance -
no, to withdraw.. 
can be to appear again in the world
in a very real way and begin the process
of renewing the primary, 
essential invitation again.
to remove ourselves...
is often the real and radically
courageous break for freedom.
we make ourselves available 
for the simple purification
of seeing ourselves (and others) 
and the world more elementally
and therefore more clearly again.
we withdraw not to disappear, 
but to find another ground from which to see; 
a solid ground from which to step, 
and from which to speak again,
in a different way, 
a clear...embodied voice.... 
                                         consolations - david whyte

~ withdrawing ~
everything seems to be falling (excuse the pun) into place 
for me to find my traveling boots and set out yet again..

what a run we've had at the studio this stint..
2 years in march!
a new floor..such a beauty..
( and leaving the place better than when we found it!)
6 practice classes per week -
praises and gratitude 
to jeri lancaster for her monday night offering
big benefit for yoga behind bars..
ora mae's elegant quote book ~
sallie's picnic table ..
blankets and blocks..
monthly heart sutra sits ~ om gate gate!
a trunkful of money for the elephant sanctuary ~
thank you, thank you for your brilliance..
your presence and your generous hearts..

(~many heartfelt thanks to ricky knue 
who kept the classes steady and graced
on my last romp around the planet ~)

my dream is to keep the studio a 'flying.. 
though i simply don't know how to go about this ~
i welcome any ideas, suggestions & wisdom
with a wide heart & mind 
regarding a wing's transformation..
my vision is to return 6 months of the year
and share practice w/ those interested..
help! please!
in finding a new flight pattern..higher ground..shared space..

i would have liked very much to 
sit face to face with each of you,
a cuppa in front of us..
sharing the news and the new horizon..
kindly accept this note as just that ~
please know that i am devoted to the practice
of waking up..devoted to the dharma treasures..
devoted to you - the practictioners..
let us practice strong these next few months!
let us remember & actualize our clear light luminosity!

those of you with class series..
you'll be able to clear the books
as i am here thru the end of april..
if you are unable to attend classes, please!
feel free to pass your classes on to family and friends..
the series never expires so perhaps 
we'll meet on the mat when i return.. 

i am - as always - boundlessly grateful
for the breath we breathe in the same vicinity ~

lovers gather and give each other shade,
relief from the direct sun.
stay close by that community
'til you become light like the moon,
then like the sun.

i am selling many things..
- giving much away - 
gathering funds..emptying out..
please let me know if you need or want anything..
i must surely have it somewhere!

o how i long to keep the world
from narrowing in on me
and to look at things bigly and kindly.
                 ~william morris

~ love is the heart of the matter~