Sunday, November 30, 2014

elephant trunk!

november‘s end  -  2014
hello dear elephant sanctuary -

our yoga studio..
a wing and a prayer
had a benefit class on thanksgiving morning
for you!!
enclosed are our cheques for :
( awaiting a few more offerings -
will publish total next week..)

please save your money and send just 
one thank - you to all of us..
we are very grateful to you for 
what you do for the elephants..
and ever so grateful for the elephants themselves..
what splendid beings..

we send you our yoga schedules
so you can see how much we love elephants!

thank you for the opportunity to make 
a difference for these astonishing elephants..

here is a poem we read in class
from the book  -
god got a dog 
by cynthia rylant

god went to india
to see the elephants.
god adores elephants.
he thinks they are 
the best thing 
he ever made.
they do everything
he hoped for:
they love their children,
they don’t kill,
they mourn their dead.
this last thing is
especially important
to god.
elephants visit the graves 
of those they loved.
they spend hours there.
they fondle the dry bones.
they mourn.
god understands mourning
better than any other emotion,
better even than love.
because he has lost
everything he has 
ever made.
you make life,
you make death.
the things god makes 
always turn into
something else and 
he does find this good.
but he can’t help missing all the originals.

Monday, November 17, 2014

long live impermanence! dates revised..

change is the only constant!
and it is constantly changing..

please take note!

december heart sutra sit
december 14
4-6 pm

the elf will be visiting the center for happiness on 12/7
and is sure to make a ruckus ~

please note:
there is class on thanksgiving morning..8AM
benefit class for the elephant sanctuary
$20..cheques made to the elephant sactuary..

no class on friday the 28th 
yes! class on saturday the 29th

appreciate your patience
your presence
your ever changing self ~

Thursday, November 13, 2014

heart sutra notes..white bones

traveling northward

screech owls moan in the yellowing
mulberry trees.  field mice scurry,
preparing their holes for winter.
midnight, we cross an old battlefield.
the moonlight shines cold on white bones.
                        ~ tu fu

and whose white bones..i wonder?
those deep under or my own ~

heart sutra sit this sunday
november 16th

december heart sutra has been moved to -
12 / 14
sunday 4-6 pm
by donation

heart palms together
in gratitude for the opportunity
to sit still together and be the stillness
- to be the white bones

Saturday, November 8, 2014

thanks giving 2 also

please! feel free to send your donations
directly to the elephant sanctuary
or be part of our trunk load..
(po box 2007 anacortes, wa. 98221)
please make your cheques payable to :
the elephant sanctuary
and thank you so much!

death-defying affection
insures the constancy of the stars
and their place at the beginning
of everything.
           ~ richard brautigan

Friday, November 7, 2014

thanks giving

"in the great forest
a little elephant was born.
his name is Babar.
his mother loves him very much.
she rocks him to sleep
with her trunk
while singing softly to him."

the story of Babar heads off into an unkind direction..
you may well remembre..
as with many elephant stories we know..

please join us for a celebratory class
on thanksgiving day & an opportunity
to offer a trunk load of $20's to the elephant sanctuary!

peace thru love and thanksgiving

november 27
8 AM 
yes! yoga class..
$ 20
all proceeds go to -
the elephant sanctuary

a wing and a prayer
will be offering classes
Friday, November 28 @ 9 AM
Saturday, November 29 @ 9AM

Sunday, November 2, 2014

please come home...novembre

please come home.
please come home into your own body,
your own vessel, your own earth.
please come home into each and every cell,
and fully into the space that surrounds you.
a wing and a prayer
offers the heart sutra sit
novembre 16
4-6 pm
by donation

please note:
Jeri Lancaster 's Monday evening class
now begins @ 6:30 pm
please give her a call if you have any questions ~
360 299 2519

dunja's classes :
T/TH 8am
W 7pm
FRI/SAT 9 am
private sessions by appointment
360 770 7891

please come home. please come home.
find the place where your feet know where to walk
and follow your own trail home.

                   ~jane hooper