Tuesday, November 27, 2007


dunjams lingwood...

this is the name as it appeared on my e-ticket to india.
it quite aptly described the way i felt after 36 hours
of up, up and away..

the shower at a-dam airport helped a great deal
but by the time i arrived in bangalore (bengaluru)
with furry teeth, wiggly-piggly legs,
flattened bum and saw-dust eyeballs..
i was dunjams..
no doubt, honey!

reading material on flight:
the curious incident
of the dog
in the night-time
a novel by
mark haddon

movies on board:
no reservations
the simpsons movie
apne (barely bollywood)

i was gifted miles by a generous flight attendant,
was on the plane with a yoga teacher
i knew from seattle,
and did not sleep a wink!

just call me dunjams!