Thursday, April 26, 2007

in praise of dependent origination

the practice walk south
has landed me in san francisco..
the bill graham civic auditorium
with the 14th dalai lama..
two days of teachings on
there will be thousands
of others, traveling their
practice walk, to be in the
presence of tenzin gyatso.

on the way,
my dear project manager..
sir duck and his lovely wife..
took me to the "on the way"
rei store..
after much wading through
merrills, keens and vasques,
duck sighed and said:
"o...i had forgotten..
these are women..sigh...
women.. shopping for shoes...sigh"
he wandered to the book section
and buried himself in:
deep survival by lawrence gonzales

merrill boots made for walking
are now embracing toes,
worn down blisters, and callouses..
instructed to wear them slowly..
inside for hours before finding
the road ways..on the way..

to dependent arising..

"the great way has no gate.
clear water has no taste.
the tongue has no bone.
in complete stillness,
a stone girl is dancing."

zen master seung sahn

Monday, April 23, 2007


the harbour seals are giving birth
daily to wee silkies..
the sandy beach is covered with
great mamas full to the brim
with their babes..
the seagulls hover to be the first
to claim the afterbirth..
the newbornes follow their ma's
instruction of chest tapping..
"come here, come here..
get your nourishment!"
every morning there are more babies
fluffing up the satin robes
they were borne in.

to be so close to the wild ones
gives clarity to the human ones..

"in the beginning was the tao.
all things issue from it;
all things return to it.

to find the origin,
trace back the manifestations.
when you recognize the children
and find the mother,
you will be free of sorrow.

if you close your mind in judgements
and traffic with desires,
your heart will be troubled.
if you keep your mind from judging
and aren't led by the senses,
your heart will find peace.

seeing into darkness is clarity.
knowing how to yield is strength.
use your own light
and return to the source of light.
this is called practicing eternity."

tao de ching

Sunday, April 22, 2007


"i stand by the river and i know
that it has been here yesterday
and will be here tomorrow
and that therefore,
since i am part of its pattern today,
i also belong to all its yesterdays
and will be a part of all its tomorrows.
this is a kind of earthly immortality,
a kinship with rivers and hills and rocks,
with all things and all creatures
that have ever lived
or ever will live
or have their being on the earth."
v.s. eifert

the living waters of monterey bay,
the beach just below..
the gray and mottled rocks have camouflaged
the mama seals and their baby ones..
looking intensely, the seeing eyes
slowly find the breath inside the breath
that transform rock into the great yet tender mammal..
we are of the same mammal-ness, yes?

remembre the book..?
kinship with all life -
a trippy tale of communion
with many a creature..
ants included!

singing my 'o trees' walking song
as i venture out for the days' wander..

"greatness is not where we stand,
but in what direction we are moving.
we must sail sometimes with the wind
and sometimes against it-
but sail we must,
and not drift, nor lie in anchor."
oliver wendall holmes

honoring the earth
under these blistered feet;
honoring the feet..

Saturday, April 21, 2007

meals on wheels

the house on 2nd street
has seen alot of me..
i have been in and out
of this abode since my
eighteenth year..sharing
the grow up stuff with
my o so dear friend, 'b'
(barbara rose)
and her family..
loel has been mama # 2,
mark, a gemini brother..
dave, the duck..
(b's husband)
an endearing, enduring
friend of a lifetime..

o how many "merrwigdes"
have they wondered and witnessed?
o how many christmas stockings
i have rummaged through?
o how many cats and dogs
and precious friends
have sifted through
the cells of me..?
we've all been in theatre;
we know the scenes
of each others lives.

duck is my project manager.
he has traveled to bhutan,
nepal, the himalayas..
distant, exotic places
of high adventure and intrigue..
just ask for d-tales!

indeed he is the proper tool
for the proper job.

mark and i arrived "home"
late at night..
dave and loel were waiting up..
relieved to be among the tribe,
we spoke of weather..
blisters, news..

dave (et al) insists on new boots..
i have been walking with two
pair of high quality tennis shoes..
it seems odd to me that
after 4+ weeks of walking,
blisters arrive
making a mighty nuisance
on the sole plate..

food is a challenge on the open road.
there are plenty of sweets and string cheese,
plenty of burgers and sodas..
these are not the highest and best
for the likes of me..
so i have been eating oodles of bananas!
sandwiches, oranges..
nuts and berries
when i can find them..
foraging, foraging, foraging!

the warmth of a hot meal
with buddha and halima..
(they offered a small, copper angel
from mexico for the 2nd street house!)
toast and honey for brekkie..
a sit down dinner with dave
to discuss boots, routes..

"there is no path.
paths are made by walking."

Friday, April 20, 2007

sallie wisdom

speaking with my mama over the phone
is not an easy task...
as she is very hard of hearing.
on the oregon coast,
i would have to get
down on the sand
and the dunes to get a signal..
in order for her to hear me,
i would have to holler
mighty to communicate
with her..
hence, the entire beach
was privy to our conversation..
not any means
for the other beach combers!

i would write her cards and lettres
rather than invite others to
our boisterously loud communes..

when i arrived in pacific grove,
thanks to a ride from the
woodland cougar, mark..
(..i have missed
the avenue of the giants..
the coastal redwoods..)
i thought i would attempt
a phone call to ms. sallie.

after much talk about fruitcake
and poundcake with pecans..
i shared my doubts about
the walk..

o mama..can this really be the end?....

she quietly asked..
are you thinking of not continuing?
i expressed my fears
with a grandiose dose of self-pity..
she said..
"sweetheart, you have had
too much leisure time..
too much thought...
(all those dry-out bus rides!)
you know what happens to you.."

eeeek! i do! i do!

we spoke about giving up..
how that might well break my spirit..

..if i do decide to shift,
change, drop..
to honor that with grace..

what the dalai lama
will say to you.."

rest in retreat
remembre the original intention..

somehow we were able to
speak easily without
breaking the sound barrier
on my part.
somehow she had my number;
she tore it up..
scattering the scraps
to the damp winds..

the one you feed,
my dear..
the one you feed!

feed the demons..feed the wolves

one evening an olde cherokee told
his grandson about a battle
that goes on inside people.
he said, "my son, the battle
is between two 'wolves'
inside us all.

one is evil.
it is anger, envy, jealousy,
sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance,
self-pity, guilt, resentment,
inferiority, lies, false pride,
superiority and ego.

the other is good.
it is joy, peace, love,
hope, serenity, humility, kindness,
benevolence, empathy, generosity,
truth, compassion and faith."

the grandson thought about it for a minute
and then asked his grandfather,
"which wolf wins?"

the olde cherokee simply replied,
"the one you feed."

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

love is the lord of all.....

"i did my best;
it wasn't much.
i couldn't feel,
so i learned to touch.
i've told the truth,
i didn't come to fool you.
and even though
it all went wrong,
i'll stand before
the lord of song
with nothing on my lips

leonard cohen

2 dollar bill

buddha hands me a lucky 2-dollar bill..
my 2nd one for the journey!

the deuce will see me through..
i am heading south for retreat
before the teachings..
dependent origination at its best!
i will dialogue with dave, the duck..
my project manager..
discussing the route..
i will rest my blustery, blistery heels..
i will crack open my heart of opportunity..

i will save my 2 dollar bill...
for a rainy, rainy day!

good morning viet nam!

babar is covered with a plastic bag
as i hobble to the bus stop..
i know i am looking like the homeless one ..
damp and dewy..
no laundry for days..
there is a fragrance i can't seem to shake..

with wings on my fingers
and tarps on my toes....
i meet gerry j.
who keeps me company all
the way to santa rosa..

i get to rendezvous
with will and joann
as the sun comes out..

we have known one another for 30 years.
we met in tahiti at a yoga class!
i was married to my first husband
in their living room!
will, who we call buddha is a 'zennie'.
joann halima is a sufi.

we slip into our comfortable friendship
as i slip into halima's bathrobe!
every single everything in my pack
must be washed..
(including babar; who
we tie up in a pillow case
in case his innards fall outward!)

we break bread together,
discoursing the well..
deep subjects..
love and faith,
giving and receiving,
fear and courage..
we investigate the el camino pilgrimage in spain..
as i question my capacity
for walking across the u.s. of a.
as they question my safety
on the highways and biways.

perhaps i require more practice
on trails and footpaths that are
mapped out for just that..
rather than the fast and vast
roadways of america..

the river of doubt is flooding,
the cup of faith is leaking,
the ribbon of highway is crumpling..

upside down,
i place my heart where my head is..
saturating the central channel
with csf..the rain nectar..
refresh! refresh!

fiddle dee faddle far foodle

limping, bottom feeding..
(where does the mind feed?)
wandering about brookings..
i locate the library..
have i mentioned how fantibuloscious
libraries are for the road weary?
shelly sits me down to
blog..she's given me an extra hour..

"someone fills the cup in front of us."

after which, she sends me off
to lunch at susie q's..
molly, the daughter of the owners,
has a rare disease..
there are ties hanging
around the circumference
of the restaurant
that one can buy ..
the money goes to defray
the cost of her treatments..

ah! an excellent way to purify;
to practice generosity..
to clean a slate..
i add a tie to my lunch..
with gratitude for the opportunity
to step up somewhere..

"meekness in itself is nothing
else than a true knowing and feeling
of one's self as one is.
any one who truly sees
and feels oneself as one is,
must surely be meek indeed."
..from the cloud of unknowing

i return to the library to
pick up my pack..
richard, an elderly library gent
offers me a ride to the state line..
as my blister is pouting,
i gladly accept!
he tells me i am much too
intelligent to be walking about like this..
i tell him i am none too clever
to be sitting about!
he takes me to the lucky 0 casino
into california..
onto a new map!

as i walk to smith river,
as i wave to the cars and trucks..
i say;
riding the breath:
salaam aleikum!
imagine that!
handing out the arabic
salute of peace..
let us open our hearts to islam!

remembre forrest gump's description
of the rains in viet nam...?
there was stinging rain,
fat rain,
rain that ran sideways,
rain that seemed to come sraight up from the ground..

that is the rain..
all the rain that
rained down upon me..

i caught the last bus
to crescent city..

"every light between here
and far foodle is out."
dr. seuss

sadly i missed the call from kevin and donna
where i might have had a homespun bed..
i had just chequed into a motel..
far fiddly foodle dee dee!

road grist

"perhaps everything terrible
is in its deepest being,
something that needs our love."

odd, though i do not read
the news of things,
the energetics seem to find
their way into the heart/mind stream.

how does one take it in..?
transform and transcend
the violence into
the one taste?
is it the fertilizer
that seeps deep into
the lily of the field
that will burst it
into the brilliance of blossom?

i have no answer..
only my own question..
my own broken and fearful heart ..

early morning in bandon..
the walkabout to the estuary
puts me eye to eye with
a harbour seal..
those eyes of the silky
penetrating the depths
of unknown..fathoms down
inquiry into the core of things..

my right foot needs some rest.
the heel has full blown itself
into a callous blister
of circustent size..
full of the rain
i have been walking through..
full of the wet of willfulness.

i find a coast bus that will
transport me and my blister
to the end of the line..
that's brookings.
it leaves early in the am..
as i hobble to the stop,
the sky is awake..
bleu and rosey..
my heart/mind reflecting
bleu and rosey..

i climb on the bus
to a noisy, vexing voice.
the voice of a homeless
gent who is spouting
the 2nd and 3rd phase of doom.
he shouts that the dark one
is tempting us all away
from the light side..
that we must know how to
step aside from the clutches
of beelzebub!!!!!

as we drive off,
the bus driver
demands that the loud one
settle down and be still..
he was quite animated as he
blew his nose in his hands,
wiped them on the seat..the pole..
coughing, growling, snorting..

just like me?
i don't think so..
'tis, indeed!

as we step down,
the homeless "shatan" shouter..
was in need of some help..
he had a wheel chair in the back,
a pile of soiled pillows and blankets..
a very, big stick!

now hear this!
my own fear..
my sense of "i"
would not let me
in any way, shape or form
put out a hand to serve
this homeless bro..

i had forsaken peace..

cho seung-hui,
the loner,
the killer..
no hand went out to him..

his own hand reached
into the hell of things
covered with our blood...

drink it up..drink it up..
offer it back as the nectar
of lovingkindness...

see march 22 post
confess all your hidden faults!

Monday, April 16, 2007

dune buggy

many miles beyond the caves,
my right heel started chanting a mantra
that was unfamiliar and off key.
my thumb found a ride with randy,
a sax player from st.louis..
he told me of the oldest place to stay
in florence..dropped me at ragan's..
now the lighthouse..

florence and the next few beach townes
are the play ground for many a buggy,
jet ski and recreation vehicular!

osprey delight in the blue upward,
crows with large sticks and strands
of string won't budge if your watching;
their nest will wait!
kingfishers diving..
ducks, loons and geese!
..a mecca for the feathered ones.

the olde cement bridge across the siuslaw
has walk ways on either side..
the brilliance of the sun herself
offers a good day for walking..
except...this morning..
somehow, i cannot seem to muster up
my ear to ear grin..
it is not radiating
from my heart chakra...
must be plugged up!

down the road, i take a ride with kevin.
junior, the pit bull keeps us company!
his car had been stolen,
which accounts for the fact
that it is barely wired together..
kevin is 25,
has had 13 jobs since he was thirteen..
is a 4 time felon with a plea bargain
awaiting a court date that will set him free.
he shows me two newspaper articles
about 18 people busted for drugs..
about 8 more people busted for drugs..
pure speculation on my part ..
i wonder if these had something to do
with his bargain..???

he drops me on this side of north bend
(i give him a hug; encouraging him to stay clean)
and start walking all the way to/through coos bay!
lots of over sized tires on over sized trucks
with young drivers and rowdy pipes..

one more ride gets me to bandon;
this time with tim
who loves to hunt and fish..
and chew tobacco.
i leave him with a charm
that will
detour his arrow
and hook!

enough buggy for now!

kate perpetua

the rain is sleeping in,
the morning i leave yachats..
bleeding hearts, lupin..
rhodies in expansive bloom..
surprise! surprise!
lilacs are uncurling the scent
that i remembre in may!
the locals say it is not early
so i surmise that i must be heading south!

the road is ever upward..
the height of the cliffs
make my knees weebly.
cape perpetua..neptune's picnic,
devil's churn, cook's chasm;
mighty dramatic sights!

enlivened by the landscape,
dodging recreation vehicles
and cars that pass in a bleep..
i am in the zone..when..
a small motor home draws to a stop
on the other side of the road;
a woman get outs and shouts..

holy moly! who is that?
kate and john m. (from anacortes)
have spotted me..
i am invited in for a cuppa!
o my o

we are both equally dazzled
at the likelihood of the happening..
pleased as be exact!

we speak of travel, mothers and children,
art and the longevity of marriages..
i figure this is as good an opportunity as any
to offer up the precious yet weighty
homemade mustard..
(i was invited into their home, yes?)
for something lighter!
kate came through with a hand-painted card
from john's aunt? sister?
who is a nun in the holy redeemer convent
near portland!

there is a tunnel up ahead
so they drive me through;
over a bridge that needs patching..
we say our good-byes at a turn-around..
they heading north..
i, south for the sea lion caves!

Friday, April 13, 2007


"does the road wind uphill all the way?
yes, to the very end.
will the day's journey take the whole long day?
from morn to night, my friend.

but is there for the night a resting place?
a roof for when the slow, dark hours begin.
may not the darkness hide it from my face?
you cannot miss that inn.

shall i meet other wayfarers at night?
those who have gone before.
then must i knock, or call when just in sight?
they will not keep you waiting at that door.

shall i find comfort, travel-sore and weak?
of labor you shall find the sum.
will there be beds for me and all who seek?
yes, beds for all who come.

christina rosetti

coasting the coast

think of any word for wet..for rain..
for stormy moist..for misty wet
the watery coast line..
frothy graybeards!
stunning waves of grace..
silvery canopy skyward,
soggy splash landing..
lagoons of puddle..
drippy, foglets..

i was more than ecstatic
to meet linda and ride south
to lincoln city!
we did stop in tillamook
for the newspaper interview..
i am way out of my zone;
blathering blonde-like
about peace, simplicity and equality!

"...asking to be changed in
ways you cannot imagine.."

we handpicked some daffodils for
lori, the mayor of lincoln..
she's green!
a masseuse in her real life,
she is married to a chiropractor..
has 3 grown children, 3 cats..
she is younger than i am and busy!

we had a delicious dinner..
i got to make the salad..
her husband, rob gave me an adjustment..
that wobbly SI joint..
along with some homeopathic trauma juice..

still raining in the early morning,
i was driven to newport by doug,
a lawyer who shared the beauties
of the coastline with me..
near the devil's punchbowl..
a savory brunch in hand from lori,
i head south.

pedestrians allowed across
the newport bridge!!
user friendly..
a striking span across the yaquina river.

i hop the community bus to yachats..
chatting with the driver..
she has lived in anacortes!
moved here a few years ago..
a once upon a time neighbor
of ms. julie g!
the dear friend who is handling
the mail..
denise says she'll put the sticker on her bus..

i am resting for a night
in an elegant beach house..
joa's in-laws..
jane and paul..
have entrusted me with their
home away from home..

the sun is shining..
the blog is logged..
wending my way..
striding for the peace of it!

dandelion cottage

behold! the pacific ocean..
it is such a dramatic change
from the sound..
we are talking waves!
the weather has been wild..
hailstones, rainbows..sleet..
rain and more rain..wind..
comfy to be in a house for a few..
cooking my own meals..imagine that!
a fire in the hearth, tulips on the table..
a valued interlude
before the shoes find shoulder!

right smack dab on the beach..
i walked the sand to the library.
moe had called me as she left towne..
"there is a library for your blog!"
she is on to everything!

the librarian, linda w. drove up
in the original flower powered
peace mobile!
covered with peace signs and posies,
the auto is a cosmic grace to the roadways!

linda jumped right in to locate a spot for me..
she found a bed in lincoln city at the mayors!
she lined up an interview with the tillamook news..
she offered me a ride down the coast to lincoln city..
she introduced me to cathey and charles busch,
who founded peace village..
she stands alone on the corner in tillamook..
'another grandmother for peace"
she started the art literacy program
which i had the good fortune to assist with..
labeling and matting children's art for the next show..

there was a serendipity to our meeting..
i was down the road into the unknown..
letting go into the mystery..
when the mystery unveiled herself..
as linda!

i gave her the love bead that jorja offered;
the mayor received the dream catcher!
lori h., the mayor,
in turn..gave me a jar of homemade mustard..
which will find a home soon!

linda also told me
of a dandy little cafe in garibaldi
where i stopped after the morning walk..
penni c. and i immediately had
much to say to one another..
i waited out the opening of the library
with lunch and tea..
penni kindly fed me that day..
curried cream cheese and cranberry sandwich!
her concoction!

the peace clings are finding
their way along the coastline!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

...and einstein!

einstein's 3 rules of work

out of clutter, find simplicity.
from discord, find harmony.
in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity!


one of my least favorite angel cards..
as a matter of fact,
i took it out of the pack,
along with responsibility..
and others..
much to my sister's chagrin!

which brings me to the subject..
of expectations..
as i walk..
i wonder if i am fulfilling
every ones idea of what they
think should be happening
on this walk for peace!
i wonder if i am fulfilling
my own expectations..?

i wonder if i really have any
that are not in direct relation
to everyone else?
i wonder..
does anyone really have any of me?

when i am referred to as
the peace pilgrim, i wince!
for i inquire daily
into my own motive for walking..
is it merely a holiday?
shirking responsibility?
(that other angel card)
walking for peace, really?

every single day,
there is a golden
needle that threads a bead
of peace on the rosary
i am walking..

whether it is a trucker who tells me:
be careful, dearie!
or a driver who pulls over to ask:
where are you going, mam?
(what is a mam? am i one?)
or those who thank me for doing
what i am doing!
what am i doing?

simply walking..
sometimes riding..
always waving
for the peace
that begins with me..

there is no time for inner demons
to raise their many heads..
only for..
a place to stay..out of the rain..
a snack for the
blood sugar vein..
water to drink,
a place to pee..
is this the walk for peace
we all had in mind?

i'd have to say..
yes, it is..
the walk i have in mind daily..
the simple presence
of the present moment
on the roadside of now.

look ma!
no expectations!

Elijah’s Raven

Behold, my little-wings,
He sees as we do,
Shares our secrets
In the dancing dark-bright fire of his eyes.

Look where he stares, beyond where stars are born,
Beyond the waves of deeps and vasts,
Into formless Night.

And, still he holds his gaze
Waiting, waiting
For rippling wings of light:
Creation’s promise of return.

These tall flyless ones tarry not in the desert
But they die.

We clean their bones.
We clean their bones.

But this one nests here
Thriving in our craggy vision-worlds.

Hear how his cracked voice parts the air!
Water flows from Cherith rocks.

All is changed.

Fly, my children, my brave ones!
We must feed our kin.

b. r. norman
in answer to w.s. merwin's
"Noah's Raven"

the layers

i have walked through many lives,
some of them my own,
and i am not who i was,
though, some principle of being
abides, from which i struggle
not to stray.
when i look behind,
as i am compelled to look
before i can gather strength
to proceed on my journey,
i see the milestones dwindling
toward the horizon
and the slow fires trailing
from the abandoned camp-sites,
over which scavenger angels
wheel on heavy wings.
oh, i have made myself a tribe
out of my true affections,
and my tribe is scattered!
how shall the heart be reconciled
to its feast of losses?
in a rising wind
the manic dust of my friends,
those who fell along the way,
bitterly stings my face.
yet i turn, i turn,
exulting somewhat,
with my will intact to go
wherever i need to go,
and every stone on the road
precious to me.
in my darkest night,
when the moon is covered
and i roamed through the wreckage,
a nimbus-clouded voice
directed me:
"live in the layers,
not on the litter."
though i lack the art
to decipher it,
no doubt the next chapter
in my book of transformations
is already written.
i am not done with my changes.

stanley kunitz

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

noah's raven

raven overhead..
i continue the walk
though i have called jorja..
i am so ready to drop..
ready for the ride..
the foaming dog took
whatever i had left
and fed it to the crows!

joe and jorja live in a home
that they have built themselves.
passive solar..olde doors..
colourful tiles, beadwork lampshades!
good friday, indeed!

in a big book on the table i open to:
noah's raven

why should i have returned?
my knowledge would not fit into theirs.

i found untouched the desert of the unknown,
big enough for my feet.
it is my home.

it is always beyond them.
the future splits the present
with the echo of my voice.

hoarse with fulfillment,
i never made promises.

w.s. merwin

we share the evening
with food that "spoils us"
(says joe)
poetry and roses..

in the morning, jorja and i speak
of the miracle of the living waters..
she feeds me breakfast..
offers granola for the road..

moe arrives to drive me across
the astoria bridge..
no pedestrians!
she has shopping..
perfect timing...
rain, wet..
then she drives me across
the warrenton bridge..
no pedestrians!

as the raven flies..
moe lands me at the beach house
of kathy s. in twin rocks!
i am in oregon..
the day before easter sunday..

no bad dogs

the law of attraction...

there is a park way up the road at bruceport..
the gate is open though it says closed.
i wander in to have a rest and seek the view.
ah! great trees line the path..
i see a trailer..a truck.
i am almost to what i think is the view
when this dog of unusual size is bounding
straight for me..
there is much barking, growling..
the earth is moving..
this is a very, very big dog.
this very big dog is foaming at the mouth..
i start by chanting janet m.'s blessing:
no bad dogs!
did i mention foaming?
breathing, chanting, turning right around..
i walk slowly to erase any fear from my skin..
no bad dogs..
he bumps me, he nudges me..
o my the foam...
good are such a very good dog..
only good dogs!
he turns away..
i am a rag, a lump..a whither..
only good dogs!

ode for moe

moe and family live in a big blue house!
the kitchen drain had been clogged for a few days
so the landlord is putting in a new dishwasher;
as well as fixing the sink!

it is john's day off..
he gets to shampoo the carpet..
moe gives me the tour and i meet:
jeremiah (5) who is the entertainer.
micah (sam)(7) who is the poultry aficionado
and artist.
hannah (9) who is known for her artistic moves.
she loves to read.
josiah (12) has deep dimples
and is the basketball wiz.
remembre alex?(14)
who WILL be the governor of washington.
alex was recently a page in olympia!

the children have all been home schooled
from the get go; though now
they are attending public school.
they are all in the 4-h club!

i am then introduced to:
2 ducks: prince and miss duck.
2 turkeys: tucker and miss me.
3 cats: jet, oliver and justice.
plus the porch cat.. amazon bird
sayla..a gray timna
tobie: the jack russel
and 100 other birds.
banties, egg and meatbirds!
there is another bird up
in alex and hannah's room..

a house full..
and room for me!

since moe is the assistant director
for the raymond players..
we are off to the dress rehearsal
of deep sleepers.
2 run-throughs..
a two-act that does not put you to sleep!

when we get home, we all jump in
to clean up the kitchen..
from dishes to sweeping to mopping!
with 14 plus hands.. pretty quick work!
banana cake in the oven for breakfast!

alex and moe pick out 3 wise men
essential oil for the next house
down the road..jorja..a friend of moe's!

i am rewarded with a reflexology treatment
and soon find slumber on a very cozy couch.

in the am..
alex and i head toward south bend
walking for peace and waving.
there we find jorja in her bead shoppe..
i will continue on toward bay center
where jorja and joe live.
we pick out a gift for the next host;
a dream catcher and a love bead necklace.
is this the 60's or what?

alex and jorja and i decide
that it is "fair" for me
to leave my pack in jorja's car..
i will walk free and easy!
the journey to bay center is a bit long
so i will walk 10/12 miles,
then jorja will scoop me up on her way home!

moe comes by to pick up alex..
i have no knee braces, no pack..
no wonder the peace pilgrim traveled lightly!

heartbone connected to the footbone!

i am heading to moe and john's home
in is about 24/26 miles
so we agreed i'd walk about 1/2 of those,
then moe would pick me up.

the trucks along 101..
all the roads i've been traveling ..
are big, long, noisy..
stirring up dust and cement!

my routine with them is to stop,
step aside a wee bit,
then give them a toothsome
grin from ear to ear..
and of course, wave!

when i arrived at clark's restaurant,
a gentleman came out..
he had seen me walking from afar..
his wife and grandson, anthony (6)
introduced themselves..
anthony gave me a high-five;
he has the peace sticker!
they gave me their blessings..

moe drives up..
with her daughter, alex..
who will be the governor
of washington!

diane p. connected me with moe,
moe connected me with kingsley and connie
(of high f'lutin' fame)..

the teachings offered by the dalai lama
in san francisco..(15 days to get there)
are: the joy of dependent arising.
no thing arises from its own side.
everything is dependent on everything,
for existence.
the interdependence of every single everything.
it is how we live, breath, and have our being!
we mistakenly identify with the "i"
that is separate..
the "i", "me", "mine"..
do not fixate on anything!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


granny served me her canned pears for breakfast..
o my..
we discovered we had both been
to the calanish stones in scotland..
way out in the outer hebrides..
nary a many have traveled so far..
we claimed our right to one another's heart!

walking 107 to join scenic 101
along the chehalis river
put me on the edge
with many a lumber truck..
trucks/trees going forward
trees/trucks going back!

..i composed..
a walking tree song
which i sung to the hillsides
that were shaved off and logged..
the land IS being re-forested
yet it looks/feels a bit of a mess..
there is an emptiness
somewhere in my mid-heaven!

for earth day..22nd april..
it actually has a bit more bark to it
when one foot goes in front of the other..

o you trees; trees without trees..
o you trees; birds without trees..
o you trees; squirrels without trees..
o you trees; 'coons without trees..
o you trees; deer without trees..
o you trees; cougar without trees..
o you trees; elk without trees..
o you trees; fox without trees..
o you trees; cats without trees..
o you trees; humans without trees..
o you trees; trucks without trees..
o you trees; trees without trees..

it does get one down the road..
chanting as i walk..the river beside me..
sun and breeze..robin hopping in front to the tune..
quince blooming..strong smell of cedar.

have i told you lately?

it is great good fortune to be able to walk:
to walk towards/in peace and unity..
to walk in simplicity..

i remembre an anecdote
from prime minister nehru...india..
when gandhi said..
he wanted to live simply
so others could simply live..
nehru retorted..kindly!
do you know how much
it costs me for gandhi to live simply?!

this walk would be very different for me
were it not for o so many of you
who have generously offered support..
money-wise, provisions, places to stay..
meals, mail collection and banking..
talismans of protection..
e-mails, comments of encouragement
and lovingkindness!

it has been a month
since we all gathered
at the school to step out
on the peacepath..
with a deep bow to YOUR feet;
my hands folded in gratitude..
thank you!

Friday, April 6, 2007


there was a motel in montesano
where i was heading for the night..
it was in the busiest section of towne..
trucks and tractors buzzz, buzz-buzzing..
i chequed in at the gas station
where i was to register.
i simply could not bring my self
to sign up..asked about any b and b's..
asked to borrow the fone book..
they found the one and only for me..

i rang and granny answered..
the right place..!
she waved me down and we set a time for tea!
she is a quilter..o my..she makes fruitcake o my o!
she and four generations of family
run the grande olde home..
baseball on the big screen with popcorn,
laundry to be done..fresh grass to rest on..
a pretty good rate for a traveling waif..

before the game, i was introduced to another guest.
he stays 4 nights a week, then travels home.
he works at the nuclear reactors..

i watch my judgement surface;
remembering my anxiety
around the energetics of the stacks..
i see the war zone warming up..
there! there is the start of war!

we all watch the ball game
until we can't take it anymore..

in the middle of sleeptime..
i am awakened by shouts,
by moans, by cries of terror.
nightmares in the next room..
that is the feeling i had
walking in the shadows of the towers..
wraiths galloping away with the mind..
it is oddly intimate to be privy
to a strangers dreams..
the cries and screams continued..
the war subsided in my heart..
breathing in..the stallions of night
breathing out..magnolias!

At Golgotha

Slowly the crowd grew tired of their own jeers
and began to leave. I swallowed,
tasting vinegar again. The few that remained
prayed on the ground below me,
clenching and unclenching their hands.
I noticed the sky, like a large animal
that had suddenly moved closer.
Then the first breath came. I remembered
the wooden boat shaking over the rapids
of the river's mouth, bumping
at the sea's gate. I remembered
running my hands over a newly
sanded board...then the second breath
and a singing as of wheels or leaves,
and I felt the clay pot
shatter, the great wings kick once
like a new heart. Then the third breath
gripped my body down through muscle
and bone to the small bell
of my birth, and I was gone.

Jay Leeming

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

the elma theatre

kingsley hall is the elma theatre!
kingsley hall is a hall in london
that is cultivating peace!
kingsley hall loves his cat!

connie b. is a concert flutist.
connie b. does quilling.
coonie b. loves her cat!

when connie returned last night from rehearsal,
she took the time to set up her alto flute
and her c flute to play:
amazing grace and i got rhythm!
she has been playing since she was 10 ..
she is tres good; she teaches throughout the area.

she then showed me her quilling..
which is the ancient art of paper "twirling"..
it was created by nuns long ago to substitute
for the filigree work that they could not afford!

the kitty is a calico of sweet nature..
she is named after the character in auntie mame..
gooch? is it?
shy ..

kingsley is a most amazing gent..
there is plenty to read about on
the elma theater webside..
we had a fine evening..
connie came up with the next gift..
it is a cloisonne paper weight
that is quite light!
kingsley came up with a pair of
spoons that said:
welcomf friends..
connie and i questioned the spelling!
we chose the paperweight!

it is warm..
the aire is sweet..
birdsong between traffic..
magnolias, plum blossom..
trillium in bloom..

the wave! the bubble!

although my brother-in-law, steven, says that
real baseball fans never do the wave..
when one was is walking the hiway..the wave is a must!

i wave for two reasons;
to be seen..
the other,
to see.
the waves that are returned
add an exuberance to my feet!
the honks that accompany the wave
are a buoyant bonus!
my practice is to wave without preference;
to see the hummer as i see the vw bug.
the wave is the peace sign i carry.

walking the 10 miles to montesano,
i was in the shadow of three nuclear stacks.
it is all mind, that i know clearly..
yet some how i was feeling some anxiety..
even fear..
for the first time on the walk..
so i seussed out!

i imagined the towers transformed
into huge bubble machines..
that they were filled with aromatic
nectar of rose, jasmine and sandalwood..
fragrant, gigantic bubbles
landing and bursting
on farms and pastures!
the aire got sweeter..
my mind calmed and mirthed!

bubble mantras,
taking and sending..
may all beings be happy!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

old olympia hwy

the full moon has morphed
into a full day of sunshine..
crispy cool..perfect walking weather!
nancy g. and i head out
for our peace walk together..
it will be a 7+ miler today..

we have alot in common, nancy and i..
we both have an aunt myrtle!
our dads worked in chicago..
we spent the 60's in california
enjoying the scene!
nancy has her original,
war is not healthy
for children
and other living things
(i have the original sticker)
and much, much more!

we dropped off the car last night
by the light of the mooooooon..
on the edge of old oly hiway..

it is truly amazing how fast the miles go
when there is vibrant conversation..
we had a sweet at the blue heron bakery
and ended up at ray's house..7 miles+

he and erin g. were just having lunch.
nancy and i admired the hendrix - marley
motifs..offered a few peace is healthy clings..
(when ray saw nancy's necklace he said:
"it's backwards!")
got a round of hugs and kisses..
then drove to mccleary..
where we were hoping for lunch.
we passed on rounder's..
drove into elma to enjoy
a meal at the rusty tractor..
garden burgers, folks!
lunch was a gift from fred, nancy's husband..
(did you know about that?)
she slipped me a 10 spot for tomorrow's feast!

nancy and fred offered a magnet
for the next host house..

"whatever you can do,
or dream you can do,
you can.
boldness has a genius,
magic and power to it."

did i mention how
fantabulo-so library's are?
elma library..
where a new nancy seats me
in a comfy chair to update the blog!

i am heading to kingsley and connie's house..
it is a theatre!
the elma theatre..

when i called to let them know
'tonight was the night'
kingsley said connie bought new sheets for my visit!
it's happening everywhere..
all the birds, be they raven or crow..
kingfisher or wren..
have their beaks full of new sheets!

"home is the place where,
when you have to go there,
they have to take you in."
robert frost

Monday, April 2, 2007


my mama began making fruitcake when my father became ill..
my sister, sara and i were youngsters..
i remember the baby bath tub she mixed all the fruit and nuts in..
she tells me i tried to climb in the tub several times..
this could well be true..
i loved the bath..
loved getting my hair washed..
so much so..
that ...

one day.. all was silent upstairs..
my mother was suspect..
she climbed the stairs quietly
to giggles of delight..
sara was washing my hair in the toilet
with toothpaste..
we were breck girls!

i digress..
about a week ago,
after sallie had returned home
from a bout of pneumonia..
she and her grand-daughter, susie..
her grand-son, casey
and grand-daughter-in law, susan
made 25 pounds of fruitcake
in nellthorn's kitchen..
susan tells a rather charming tale of it all..

even though i am away from home,
alexa r. and her mama, charlotte
(blini, the pancake pup, too)
met me for chai in downtowne olympia..
with ms. sallie's fruitcake in hand!
touching hearts with a familiar face
is as sweet as the cake itself..

hail, rain, chill and my mama's fruitcake!

3 days

milarepa, the tibetan saint and yogi
rarely stayed anywhere for more than 3
days advising that the web gets thick
and entanglements creep in!

i am still in oly..olympia,
awaiting nancy g., a woman
i met just after epiphany
who wants to walk with me a ways for peace!

she, however, is on a road trip with her mama
and will actually be home this eve.
we will take to the hiway tomorrow.
i am welcomed warmly in her home by
her husband, fred, and his daughter amanda.
there is the noble border collie, sancho
and his feline friend, storm.. the ever stretching,
most relaxed, elongated cat i have known!

it is my great good fortune
to play scrabble with fred, who is a pro..
to receive in-depth instruction on the bus route
of olympia, tumwater and lacey
from amanda who is a gold medal winner
in special olympics and take sancho for
a walk around his favorite bushes in the neighborhood!

i also have had the time to catch up on the blog
(and then some);
thanks to the timberline library..
here i have met julie n..
she asked about my shoes which gave me an opening
to give her peace is healthy..
...!!!turns out!!!...
her good friend, mary c. has founded
the peace scouts!
peace scouts is part of the peace movement.
as she states::

"peace scouts is a peace education program
teaching children that kindness, wonder and imagination
are all powers that fuel peace.
kindness, wonder and imagination are plentiful.
each is endless."

it is a program like girl scouts or boy scouts
or sea scouts..peace scouts.
the local artist nikki mcclure
has designed the peace patches.
mary has gifted me with two..
the dove patch..
and the power of kindness patch
with h.h. dalai lama on this one.

mary asked if i would deliver a letter to
the dalai lama informing him
of this group..(peace scouts is working
to go international) hopes that
the dalai lama might become a trustee
for peace scouts international.

the patches are wonder-full!
there is the power of imagination patch..
dr. seuss!
(you have brains in your head.
you have feet in your shoes.
you can steer yourself any direction you choose!)

the power of place patch..
rigoberta menchu
honoring our own heritage..

the power of action patch..
rosa parks
maintaining dignity in action

the power of vision patch..
black elk
envisioning all beings in harmony

the power of wonder patch
rachel carson
connecting us to the environment
and the natural world

the power of kindness
h.h. dalai lama
open heart dialoque
wirh compassionate listening.

the dove patch
concern for others
generosity of spirit

julie and nancy embody peace and cheerfulness..
what is that sloka?
"maintain only a cheerful mind."

they will be a wonderful connection
on this path of peace.
i will deliver the letter to hhdl!
i am a peace scout!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

three days

it is reported
in the islamic tradition ....

that when one enters paradise,
for three days the only word
one is able to utter,
over and over again,
is the word... peace.

seyyed hossein nasr

wake up!

"the search may begin with a restless feeling,
as if one were being watched.
one turns in all directions and sees nothing.
yet one senses that there is a source for
this deep restlessness;
and the path that leads there
is not a path to a strange place, but a path home.
('but you are home," cries the witch of the north.
'all you have to do is wake up.')"

peter matthiessen


as i was walking past the naval base
in oak harbor..was that months ago?
and again near by bangor;
i imagined the bases closing..
that the recruits, the colonels,
the al..
came forth to build footpaths
all across america!
with benches and fresh water..
imagine! footpaths for the road weary..
safe crossings for the pilgrims and the nomads..

and while we are on footpaths..

let me tell you about irmi's footbaths!
for good health and circulation..
try this:
if you have a tub..
stand in it and beginning with o so hot water,
dash your foot (r or l)
under it 3, 4, 5 times..
then quickly change to cold water, o so cold..
proceed about 5 times (ten in all)
back and forth between hot/cold/hot..
ending with cold!
then change feet (not with anyone else!)
and repeat!
morning and night!
irmgaard suggests putting on wool socks immediately
w/o drying your feet..

soon you will have one taste..
no hot..
feet awake!


"baseball is quintessentially american in that it tells us that as much as you travel and as far as you go, out to the green frontier,
the purpose is to get home, back to where others are,
the pioneer ever striving to come back to the common place.
a nation of migrants always, for all their wanderings,
remembers what every immigrant never forgets:
that you may leave home but if you forget where home is,
you are truly lost......"
a. bartlett giamatti

opening day
april 2
3:35 pm