Wednesday, May 10, 2017

how to stay awake:

never sleep.
never sleep while awake.
wake up in the midst of sleep.
sleep and wake at the same time.

the yogis & yoginis called the 4th state of consciousness ~

beyond and behind, underneath and overhead -
dreamless sleep..

absolute waking..
every moment..
evolving in the timeless..
our actual natural state
permeating the totality of all that is..
fully alive!

infinite gratitude to all things past.
infinite service to all things present.
infinite responsibility to all things future.

Saturday, May 6, 2017


His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama
often tells us..
though we are eager to be happy,
our actions lead us headlong into suffering ~

he also says:
pain is a given ~
suffering is optional..

interesting conundrum ..

we have this amazing opportunity to freely construct
our very self, the temperament & ethos of our being..
quite stunningly by our actions, thoughts and deeds..
we are free and responsible to engage
in a great awakening within our daily lives..
moment by moment..
every one of us -
to self-sculpt and create a life
of happiness and value.. choose one's attitude 
in any given set of circumstances,
to choose one's own way..
           ~ viktor frankl

i am awake just enough to hear myself snoring..
which is awake enough to catch myself
behaving badly..holding back..
niggling on name it..
those wibbly ungenerous thoughts..
the notorious judgements..
digging a trench between self and other..

awake just enough to straddle the abyss
- if i'm lucky - adjusting the practices,
utilizing skillful means to shake me loose..
out from under the covers to the wide open ~
the sky-like pristine awareness of..
could we say bliss?

choosing the circumstances..
- one's own way -
when to speak..when to hush..
when to spin around and
gaze at the mind and change it..
or it..change...

wow! what great good fortune..

then..why o why do i still dangle my feet
in the dreck and dirge of torment..?
headlong... familiar path.. rut in the road..

HHDL explains that when we are able
to cultivate patience and wisdom
from/for these threads of adversity..
(groggy, furrowed mind)
cultivating patience and compassion
for our very own self ..
this will wake us up
so we may fashion attitudes & circumstances..
well - meaning, loving and wise.. for others..
& therefore open up dimensions in our lives
previously unbeknownst ..


fortune cookie fortune:
you will be enlightened today..
today ?
every day ?

wake up and stay awake..
okay already ~