Sunday, May 12, 2019

fallowed be my name

fal low /falō/
left unsown for a period in order to restore its fertility 

who can say?
why one simply stops sowing seeds,
nurturing words, ideas, notions ~

a field that has rested 
gives a bountiful crop
             ~ ovid

that might be overstating
what may come of this post,

i have heard it said that
providing oxygen is the
noblest of vocations..
giving flame enough oxygen
so it may burn..

a deep breath..
slowly, intently
the oxygen of our practice..

udana -
the vayu (wind) of expression..
at the throat
up and out!
thought expressing as speech

think of brahmari breath..
the honey nectar of hum..
the sound of space.. akasha
- the element of the throat chakra -
pure clean communication

poetry and hums aren't things
which you get,
they're things that get you.
all you do is go to where they find you.
                       ~ a.a. milne

once, when i was sad, i said to a kind olde priest -
have you learned any secrets to unburden the heart?
he responded -
hum a favorite melody;
wine will always rise to
the top of oil.
        ~st. catherine of siena

it's mother's day!
my mama's  favorite melody
( mine now, also..)
and a most profound notion:
row, row, row your boat
gently down the stream,
merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
life is but a dream.

what kind of dream do we wish
to be living, we would ask one another?
no nightmares!

she was a needle artist and had been
working on a piece..

it is unfinished..
the never-ending dream..
the never-ending sweet dream ~

in the highest yoga tantra of vajrayana,
the throat chakra is focused on
for the practice of dream yoga...
meditating upon it before sleep
will bring forth lucid dreams..
where we continue our yoga practices ..
awake while dreaming!
seeding the heart-mind
with sweetness, with wisdom..

~ may your pure dreams come true ~

ian bogost has said :
as a writer, i realize i am going
to have to write again!
as i say:
glad to be back..on blog
as osip mandelstrom says:
take from my palms,
for your delight and joy,
a little honey..


Tuesday, January 8, 2019

alchemy of money

the lucky 2 dollar bill
stocking up on lucky 2 buck bills
is a passion for me..
the price for the drop-in yoga
practice is $18..
many a generous practitioner
drops a 20 spot in the offering basket ~
no, no - i cluck..
there is an alchemy to this fee for practice ~
then,  i enlighten them on the auspiciousness
of 2 buck luck ..
as i give them their change..

folding it - folding it..
place it in your wallet, purse,
billfold, pocketbook, fanny pack..
never do you spend this talisman
you'll always have money!
and .. just so you know..
it is a lodestone -
a magnet of generosity
for self and other..

i do confess..
although i live on the edge
of an empty pocket at times..
with my 2 dollar bill tucked away
i always..and that is an always
have enough - just enough -
to pay the bills, to eat,
to tend to emergencies,
to give it away..

- we live in a generous universe -

short on cash?
if your pockets are empty
if the flow is not flowering..
open the spigot by giving some away..
the dam
of holding
or withholding
will be open..
flush and flourish..
i like to say..
money goes, money comes..

found money
if you find money in the street
on the path
hithery or dithery..
the practice is to offer it
to the first person you meet..*

in the early mornings when i walk
the shoreline, i seem to find nickels
dimes and pennies, of course..
even the occasional dollar bill..
when one such bill caught my eye
in the dim light of dawn,
i picked it up and went on the look out
for the who to gift it to..
a shadowy fellow was walking towards me..
good morning! i called ..
hrumphf! was his reply..
may i speak with you a moment?
hrumpfh, humm.. he answered..
i explained -
i have found a buck
that is good luck for both
the recipient and the giver
if it passes hands..
really? he queried warily..
o yes!
okay then..
and thereby acquiesced
as i offered the dewy dollar..
bills passing hands in the first light of day..

another morning later, i found yet another one ..
or was it the same one..?
quickly handing it over to my walking buddy..
she tipped the barista..
money goes, money comes..

the new year's bell ringing benefit
in  carmel, california
for peace of mind dog rescue
many of the dogs at the peace of mind rescue
were brought up from the ventura fires..
we gathered $ 333.00
 - in la conner, washington   $936.00
   for community action of skagit county
both adding up to 9
which in some schools of numerology
from the bible -
it is the fruit of the spirit and divine completeness
for the hebrews it is truth
9 in angel language is universal love..
opening one to humanitarian compassion and generosity ~


the bells continue to ring..
the light is getting brighter ~
our pockets are filled with jingling stars!

you only get to keep what you give way..
                             ~ celestial tea bag wisdom

* if you find a million or billion or trillion dollar bill, 
it might be best if you would track down who lost it..
most grateful they will be!

Sunday, December 23, 2018

sound the bells..

sound the bells for untangling the mangling
sound the bells for waking the children
sound the bells for comforting the elders
sound the bells for restoring the earth

sound the bells for remedying the rising seas
sound the bells for encouraging kindness
sound the bells for untethering jealousy
sound the bells for transforming malice

sound the bells for peals of laughter
sound the bells for sharing the wealth
sound the bells for feeding the hungry
sound the bells for wisely recycling

sound the bells for renewing our pledges
sound the bells for releasing our sadness
sound the bells for bowing to another
sound the bells for refreshing our hearts

sound the bells for sheltering the homeless
sound the bells for tending the wildlife
sound the bells for igniting the wonder
sound the bells for planting trees, trees, trees

sound the bells for revitalizing mama nature
sound the bells for purifying our mindstreams
sound the bells for cherishing all beings
sound the bells for deepening our friendships
                    and much, much more...

new year’s day bell ringing ceremony 

10 AM - 11:30 AM


crescent moon yoga
w/ susan schanen & annie taylor
606 morris street
la conner, WA 98257


ccmp - outcalt chapel
w/ dunja lingwood
4590 carmel valley rd.
carmel, CA 93923

please come!
for yoga, meditation & bell ringing  ~
bring a bell ( even a pot lid and a spoon will do)
we will ring our bells 108 times -
each person will have an opportunity
to place their wish or prayer in the burn bowl
- affirmations for the new year -
- regrets from the past year -
- any prayer from the heart -
prayers and wishes will be burned
at the end of practice  ~

these classes are by donation..
please bring your deep pockets and generous hearts!

may 2019 bring forth
mighty compassion,
great wisdom, 
vital health,
deep peace, 
hallowed harmony, 
unfettered joy 
& kindness, kindness, kindness…

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

$ 1719

thanksgiving givers..
thank you!

we sent off $1719
to yoga behind bars ~

the small man
builds cages for everyone
he knows.

while the sage,
who has to duck his head
when the moon is low 

keeps dropping keys all night long
for the
               ~ hafiz

dwane, an inmate, who
is has been a yoga teacher 
for 3 years now,
says :
i am in prison but i am not a prisoner.

the function of freedom is to free someone else.
                ~ toni morrison

Friday, November 9, 2018


if the only prayer you ever say
in your entire life is thank you,
it will be enough.
               ~ meister eckhart


please join susan schanen and me
as we offer up a yoga practice
of thanks and giving -
the class is by donation..
empty your spare change,
bring your gold nuggets
and pieces of eight
to gift to yoga behind bars
CMY is on the map
gratitude in motion !

in wholeheartedness of presence,
the buddha is realized,
the dharma is lived
and the sangha is shared.
                  ~ dainin katagiri

Monday, October 29, 2018

dia de los muertos II - NOVEMBER 1st


this just in..
crescent moon yoga
will be in her new location
on november 1..
our 9AM yoga class and 
the day of the dead meditation
@ 11AM will be the maiden voyage!

all are welcome!

the address is:
606 morris street
east of the current location by 1/2 block
on the south side of the street -
the parking lot between the la conner library
and C M Y is the studios!!!
enter the studio through the lobby -
located up the stairs off morris st.

 (  Open House
Nov 10th, 
Art's Alive Weekend, 
11 am -3 pm )

don't go outside your house to see flowers.
my friend, don't bother with that excursion.
inside your body there are flowers.
one flower has a thousand petals.
that will do for a place to sit.
sitting there you will have a glimpse of beauty
inside the body and out of it,
before gardens and after gardens.
                ~ kabir


Wednesday, October 24, 2018

look inward & vote!

too many still look outward, 
some believing in the illusion
of victory and of victorious power, 
others in treaties and laws, 
and others in the overthrow of the existing order. 
but too few look inward, to their own selves, 
and fewer still ask themselves 
whether the ends of human society 
might not best be served if each man 
tried to abolish the old order in himself, 
and to practice in his own person 
and in his own inward state those precepts, 
those victories which he preaches on every street corner, 
instead of always expecting these things of his fellow men.
every individual needs revolution, inner division, 
overthrow of the existing order, and renewal, 
but not by forcing them upon his neighbors 
under the hypocritical cloak of christian love 
or the sense of social responsibility 
or any other beautiful euphemism 
for unconscious urges to personal power.
individual self-reflection, 
return of the individual to the ground of human nature, 
to his deepest being with its individual and social destiny - 
here is the beginning of a cure for that blindness 
which reigns at the present hour.
                       ~ carl jung  1918

please and thanks!