Friday, January 12, 2018


may all the obscurations be averted! CLAP!!
may they be no more!  CLAP!!
may they all be pacified!  CLAP!!

this is how we wrapped up
our new year's eve bell ceremony ~

obscurations are the dark coverings and conditions
of our very own mind that keep us from embodying
and shining the clear light of our true nature..

our very own mind fabricates (an F word!)
the barriers to a liberated and enlightened life..
our misunderstandings - misinterpretations
of reality itself  ~

obstructions are barriers that keep
any and everything from moving
in a harmonious, beneficial way..

the same only different..
we might think that obstructions
are outside the self..
outside the mind..
outside our bodies..
the world is obstructed by a landslide..
when actually the landslide is the reality
of exactly what is..
( my life is obstructed by a healing hip
which is taking entirely too long to recover!)
~ exactly what is ~

the obstruction..
like the obscuration
is actually within our own view of what is..
the emotional clinging response to what is..

imagine the rescue teams in montecito..
obstructed ..?
their entire work ... life force...what is..
may the force be with them!
is to remove the uncover the dark layers..
the obstacles that keep them from rescuing the prize..
the prize of life..

may i take a moment here to praise highly
and mightily the tenacity of rescue teams..?
they are the true warriors of freedom..
tireless, brave, and compassionate..
they have to be, yes?

'tis the same with us..
we are always called to rescue reality..
remove the muddied veil
from our very life - the prize of life -
as it is..

we rescue ourselves from suffering
by a just this wisdom
which keeps us from wanting what is not!
a kind heart and a spacious mind..
liberated into the vast .. and fast..
expanse of what is..

we rescue others by rescuing ourselves..
and know in our deep true self
~ there is no separation ~

may all beings be found..
be safe..
be free..

the everyday practice.. the everyday rescue..
is simply to develop
complete acceptance and openness
to all situations and emotions,
and to all people,
experiencing totally 
without reservations and blockages,
so that one never withdraws 
nor centralizes 
into oneself.
                  ~ dilgo khyentse rinpoche



Saturday, January 6, 2018

revelation !

 ~ the divine or supernatural disclosure to humans
of something relating to human existence or the world 

~ used to emphasize the surprising or remarkable quality 
of someone or something

december 31..bell ringing..

we gathered 36 plus 2 ..
with the intention of untethering 2017

to renew
to revitalize

bones, breath and bells
to reciprocate
to give back and forward
to each other
to the collective
to the community..

we collected $900
to gift the anacortes family center

we collected ourselves -
imbuing one another with the pranic winds
of sound, laughter and design ~

what a revelation..!
that we as a pool of love and breath
can make a difference in the moment
to one each other..
being sovereign yet aligned
with the highest and best..

to meet one another face to face
heart to heart
exactly as we are
and create the new year ~
the new world together..
moment by moment
day by day..
year by year..

making merry...

the bells ~ still reverberating ~
with lovingkindness
and compassion..
with thankfulness..
for bringing the bells and whistles..
for clanging the grace bright and fiercely..
cuddling up close to ring in the new..
emptying pockets..
to burn up the olde
and find the moment in the moment
when we really truly absolutely wholeheartedly
are as one..
clear as a bell for the benefit of all..
all beings..

great thanks to annie for her donation
of crescent moon yoga ~
great thanks to the bells that still can ring!

the birds they sang 
at the break of day 
start again 
i heard  them say..
               ~ leonard cohen

Friday, December 29, 2017

B-RING your bell to new year's eve

2-4 PM

'tis here! the bell ceremony ..
ring out the olde.. obscurations..
clean the palate for no new obscurations to settle..
freshen the body - heart - mind..
bring your bells!

all are welcome to join in..
the asana and meditation will be joyous
and just right for any body..
~ by donation ~
all the monies go to anacortes family center..

please consider donating a wee bit more
than the price for class..
we are favored with warm and loving homes..
kind and caring friends and family,
food on our tables, cozy beds, hands to hold..
safe and sheltered..
if someone donates $54 -
and someone matches that..
it is the magic auspicious #..

join susan and dunja
@ the crescent moon yoga studio
521 morris street  laconner wa
for asana, meditation and bells ~

we will ring our bells 108 times.
each person will have an opportunity
to visit the altar with their prayer ( if desired..)
affirmations for the new year ~
regrets from the past year ~
any prayer from the heart ~
prayers will be left in the burn bowl...
to be burned at the end of the ceremony.

please come ~
intend the new year,
release the past,

May the coming year bring mighty compassion,
great wisdom, an opening of spirit,
vital health, deep peace,
true harmony, unfettered joy
and kindness, kindness, kindness...

Saturday, December 23, 2017


grace is the permanent climate of divine kindness.
                      ~ john o'donohue

we are living in grace..
each one of us..
every moment of every day..
no matter what the external experience may be..
the heart is the inner sanctum of grace..
grace is the kindness we shed on others..
we spill our grace upon one another..
we offer any or every gift we hold in our hearts..
we feed birds and each other..
we hold hands and paws..
we give pennies, dollars, millions
to the bell ringers..
we offer courage to those afraid..
we clothe the unfortunate ..
we tend the gardens
we walk the paths set out
we sing the praises of those we love..
let us sing the praises of those we don't..
we worship the stars and bring the stardust to our hearts..
we tickle the fancy of earth, grasses, brrrrr -
with our frozen toes..
we heal ..
we help..
we hold the ground..
for any and everything to happen
in the theatre of grace..
the abiding, perpetual climate of divine kindness..
if we are not divine..
who is?
if we are not filled to the brim with kindness,
who is?
reaching deeper into the wellspring of the heart..
of the soul..
of our true and holy nature..
let us bless and bless and bless again..
now and always
( and women too)

let us bless the air
benefactor of breath,
keeper of the fragile bridge
we breathe across.
      ~ john o'd....

Saturday, December 16, 2017

reciprocity ~ great thanks

it has been one month and a day since i was
mesmerized and sliced into..
the titanium hip placed expertly into the thigh
so bone and titanium can reciprocate and flourish..
where each can share their gifts of essence..
bone and element atomic # 22
it is astonishing to think that something
so could even happen..

from the latin
moving backward and forward

the bone and titanium must grow together..
weave and merge..
integrate and unite..
meld and weld..
yoga..bringing two together..
heaven and earth
bone and element


the most important thing each of us can know
is our unique gift and how to use it in the world.
individuality is cherished and nurtured, because, 
in order for the whole to flourish,
each of us has to be strong in who we are and
carry our gifts with conviction, so they can be shared by others...
in reciprocity, we fill our spirits...
                    ~ braiding sweetgrass

it has been over two months that the mendicant letter
and post went out to beloved friends and students..
my heart has expanded to the size of the galaxy
and i am happy to say my wee bank account has also flourished..
i am not accustomed to much money
so having a tiny pot of gold sparkles my cells a bit
and i trust  that i may manage it wisely and generously..

some alms has been spent on:
thank you cards
car insurance
dentist bill
long johns 2 pair
soft spacious pants
candles and more candles
donations to:
community action skagit
wolf hollow
elephant sanctuary
quiet light nuns
enso house
anacortes family center
yoga behind bars

food, gas, holiday gifts
for my great nephews
christmas lights for the hummingbirds
to sit upon and warm their toes..
sugar and more sugar for the same wee gems

i still have alms left!

i am humbled and honored and privileged
to know the generosity of each of you
who have dropped your gifts into my bowl..
singing the praises of what true community
looks like, feels like..
that i am a recipient of such community
weakens my knees ..
quite simply, i do not know what i can say
to let you know how tender and open
this has made me..

in the end, though, maybe we must all give up trying

to pay back the people in this world who sustain our lives.
in the end, maybe it's wiser to surrender
before the miraculous scope of human generosity
and to just keep saying thank you,  forever and sincerely,
for as long as we have voices.
                 ~ elizabeth gilbert

and this :
from a friend whose son sent generous dana
to the mendicant alms bowl..
when she admired that, he wrote ~

got to put your money where your intentions are.
besides, if we don't help support the people who do good things, who will?
it's not like society is generally awarding a comfortable lifestyle for teachers.
the world has enough bankers and lawyers, we need to fund some frickin' poets!

priceless gifts
an empty day without events.
and that is why
it grew immense
as space. and suddenly
happiness of being
entered me.

i heard
in my heartbeat
the birth of time
and each instant of life
one after the other
came rushing in
like priceless gifts.
     ~ anna swir

Friday, December 8, 2017

new year's eve bell ceremony .. ring-a-ling!

2-4 PM
your generous donation happily accepted
for the anacortes family center

please join susan schanen & dunja lingwood
@ the crescent moon yoga studio
521 morris street  laconner wa
for asana, meditation AND
the bell ringing ceremony..
to practice what is rare to practice..
please come and intend the new year,
release the past, celebrate, donate..

bring a bell (even a pot lid & spoon will do).
we will ring our bells 108 times.
each person will have an opportunity
to visit the altar with their prayer if desired..
affirmations for the new year ~
regrets from the past year ~
any prayer from the heart ~
prayers will be left in the burn bowl...
to be burned at the end of the ceremony.

May the coming year bring mighty compassion
great wisdom, an opening of spirit,
vital health, deep peace,
true harmony, unfettered joy
& kindness, kindness, kindness...

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

kindness turns me on

kindness turns me on 
                 ~ luka bloom

it does. doesn't it?
endorphins start popping and spinning..
whirling like dervishes with the beloved.. kindness

patience.. kindness

ethics.. kindness

joyous kindness kindness

wisdom..sagacity.. is kindness

the 6 perfections ~ kindness

HHDL tells us..
his religion is kindness

one holy lama would ask when
meeting you and taking your hands..
have you been kind today?

gratitude is kindness ~

the thanksgiving class for
community action skagit
collected $ 603.00

kindness turns me on!