Saturday, May 23, 2015


the pacific ocean..
central coast
wave upon wave..
fellas on the sand and rock shore -
guitar strummings..
cell phone chatters
surfers stripping down by the side of the road..
squirrels and chipmunks know a good roadside attraction..
seal pups and mamas
morphing from rock to mammal as the eyes focus
every kind of walking cycling skating running human
moving to the sound of wave crash..
dogs on leashes leading masters masterfully - morning evening stroll
crows, gulls, geese..
cormorants exercising fluttering
honing homing early morning cycle
to a final settle
golfers coursing the greens
it is another planet..let the rains come ..
moisture - keep the state alive!
say it now ~
may it be just so....

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

just sitting...

like a bee moving to a flower,
we come to just sitting.
      ~ houn kobun chino

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

daily affirmations from khenpo karten rinpoche

contentment is supreme wealth, so don't lust for anything.

jealousy causes exhaustion of merit, so be happy for everyone.

having good motives is dharma's essence,
                                       so practice it always, without forgetting.

pride is an impediment to exemplary conduct, so be humble, always.

hatred is a fire that burns up virtue, so meditate with compassion for all.

miserliness causes preta rebirth, so be generous towards everyone.