Monday, April 21, 2014

alert! emergency roadtrip!

nothing is secure but life, the living of it..
transition, the energizing spirit..
people wish to be settled; 
only so far as they are unsettled
is there any hope for them..
                ~ rw emerson

ah so!
my long time pal and anam cara, barbara..
drove up for a visit..
spring it were..
turns out she ended up with some weird shoulder
that has left her in pain..the kind you can't even spell..
like.. excruciating...
unendurable..unbearable..very rough stuff..
after 3 visits to the walk-in clinic @ the hospital..
it is so -
i am driving her back to california....
she flies me back in a week ~

hence, ergo, consequently..
some classes will be taught by others..
some cancelled..

the week in question is this week..
from tuesday, april day..
thru saturday, april 26th
these are the changes :
TUESDAY / THURSDAY classes are cancelled ~
WEDNESDAY / FRIDAY classes - Jeri will teach ~
SATURDAY class - Ricky will teach  ~
ever so grateful to these fine ones for stepping in so quickly..

thank you all for your kind consideration
regarding these sudden & unforeseen changes..
please light some candles for us ~
yours from south of the border,

the glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, 
not the kindly smile, 
nor the joy of companionship; 
it is the spiritual inspiration that comes to one 
when you discover that someone else believes in you 
and is willing to trust you with a friendship.
                 ~ rw emerson

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

MAY DATE - heart sutra sit - cancelled -

how the mind awakens in the heart
during the chant of the mantra ~
liberated from a point of you..
or is that a point of view?

after much consideration..
heart sutra sit for may is cancelled ~

it is so sweet when we join together
and take our seat in the palm of buddha's hand..
thank you for arriving ..

the summer sunday dates will be posted soon..
see you in june!

om gate ~

the heart is an organ of astonishing
perceptivity and versatility
that when awakened and tuned
allows us to play our part
in the dynamism of creation.
          ~cynthia bourgeault

Thursday, April 10, 2014

heart, heart, heart !

heart sutra sit ~
sunday, april  13
4-6 pm
by donation

please note:
jeri's monday night class
will be cancelled may 5 and 12..
come stretch again
monday, may 19
7 - 8:30 pm

dunja's class schedule
same as always..
T/TH 8:00 am
WEDS 7:00pm
FRI/SAT 9:00 am

all classes at a wing are mixed level ~
drop-ins welcome always !

keep your eyes on the road..
shiva is known to drop bags of gold
right in our path..

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

friendly goddesses ?

until we stop clinging 
to the concept of good and evil,
the world will continue to manifest 
as friendly goddesses & harmful demons..
          ~ pema chodron

the creations of the mind are more numerous
than specks of dust in a ray of sunlight..
           ~ milarepa

.... so my heart, leave behind your fear
and strive towards wisdom...

Sunday, April 6, 2014

teach us to care and not to care...*

this early AM as chris and others were setting up
the benefit for Oso that many of you are attending
 at this very moment ~
i hand delivered a cheque for $1008.00
( from a wing and a prayer)
to chris @ heart of anacortes/how it works..
~ he was moved to tears and full of joy!

the cheque will go to cascade hospital fund
& 100% will be used for families..
 and all that that entails..

you can receive this;
"on whatever sphere of being
the mind of a man may be intent
at the time of death" -
there is one action
(and the time of death is every moment)
which shall fructify in the lives of others:
do not think of the fruit of action.
                  ~ t.s.eliot / four quartets


* teach us to sit still
     ~ t.s. eliot

Saturday, April 5, 2014

oso benefit

there are many guises for intelligence.
one part of you is gliding in a high windstream,
while your more ordinary notions
take little steps and peck at the ground.

conventional knowledge is death to our souls,
and it is not really ours. it is laid on.
yet we keep saying we find "rest" in these "beliefs."

we must become ignorant of what we have been taught
and be instead bewildered.

run from what is profitable and comfortable.
distrust anyone who praises you.
give your investment money, 
and the interest on the capital,
to those who are really destitute.

forget safety. live where you fear to live.
destroy your reputation. be notorious.
i have tried prudent planning long enough.
from now on, i'll be mad.
             ~ rumi

thank you for your generous donations..
with a wing and a prayer matching the offerings..
we have gifted $1008.00 to oso...amazing!
i am still not sure where the cheque will go..
it is our wish to have the families cared for..
i'll keep you posted..

in the interval..
enjoy yourselves @ the benefit for oso
tomorrow, sunday the 6th of april ..
1 pm
for music and a silent auction @
the heart of anacortes / how it works..
4th and O

may we be the medicine!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

a merry way.. april days

a simple person lives the way she breathes,
with no more effort or glory,
with no more affectation and without shame..
simplicity is freedom,
as simple as the air, as free as the air..
the simple person does not take himself too seriously or too tragically.
she goes on her merry way, her heart light, her soul at peace, 
without a goal, without nostalgia, without impatience.
the world is his kingdom and suffices him.
the present is her eternity and delights her.
he has nothing to prove,
since he has no appearances to keep up
and nothing to seek, since everything is before him.
what is more simple than simplicity?
what lighter?
  ~ andre` comte-sponville

a wing and a prayer..
on april 5th .. 
saturday's yoga class @ 9 am..
will be a benefit class for oso..
for the families..
please come..
all the money collected will go to the families..
i would like to purpose a raise for me that day..
$20 per person..
a wing and a prayer book fund
will match the money in the basket..
the more the merrier..
if $20 is not in your budget,
the regular offering will be perfect...
it is a cash/cheque class..
thank you - thank you !

please note that on sunday, april 6 
@ heart of anacortes 
there is a benefit @ 1pm..
music & silent auction

heart sutra sit this month
sunday, april 13th
4-6 pm
come chant and sit and walk
by donation

ora mae and i have a date for
wrapping up the last books..
thursday, april 17th
4-6 pm..
3rd floor foyer
if you missed the opportunity
the last come..
it is fun! glue, delectable paper..
bring an apron ~
the book fund will treat to a dinner afterward
if any would like to stay for nourishment..
merrily, merrily...

there are still books available..
easter baskets to fill..
mother's day is coming up..
weddings ..o what a gift..
your pledge and donation
support a wing and a prayer..

it is not possible to live happily if one does not lead
a beautiful, righteous and wise life..
to lead a beautiful, righteous and wise life
if one is not happy.

merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
life is but a dream ~