Tuesday, March 4, 2008

there and back again

march 10th, 2007

that was the day..
almost a year ago,
that early overcast spring morning..
we all met at the mt. erie parking lot..
to embarque on a peace walk..

it was a practice stroll for me..
to see if i could, would, should (did i say should?)
walk the width of the u. s. of a.
with peace is healthy on my forehead..

the redwoods and rain..
as far as i got..
with a few more practice steps
from carmel to pacific grove..
from olema to pt.reyes

my project manager ~ the duck,
my heart of hearts,
the general counsel of the wise
set the pace..
the consensus..
the effortless effort..

after the walk, the walk..

i walked in three states
with peace on my brow..
washington, oregon and californ I A..
only 47 to go..hey ho!

the map changed astonishingly..

after the walk..
there is only the walk..

every footstep landing lightly (or not)
on grasses and gravel..
the walk to the markets,
to the sweet coconut stand,
to the internet cafes...
to family gatherings,
to the great pujas, the teachings..
the walk to giant buddhas,
walking the circle of great stupas..
the walk to classes and away from classes,
the walk with dogs..
the walk with young children hanging on the ones' sleeve..
the walk with elephants,
with beggars, with harpy olde men..
the walk on miles of sandy beaches
in the early morning
when the locals come to the strand
for the morning toilet rituals..
looking the other way!
the walk to tea and dosas,
the walk to the bus,
the rickshaw,
the plane..

one foot in front of the other..
there and back again..

there is no there there..

my footsteps reveling on homeground..