Tuesday, January 8, 2019

alchemy of money

the lucky 2 dollar bill
stocking up on lucky 2 buck bills
is a passion for me..
the price for the drop-in yoga
practice is $18..
many a generous practitioner
drops a 20 spot in the offering basket ~
no, no - i cluck..
there is an alchemy to this fee for practice ~
then,  i enlighten them on the auspiciousness
of 2 buck luck ..
as i give them their change..

folding it - folding it..
place it in your wallet, purse,
billfold, pocketbook, fanny pack..
never do you spend this talisman
you'll always have money!
and .. just so you know..
it is a lodestone -
a magnet of generosity
for self and other..

i do confess..
although i live on the edge
of an empty pocket at times..
with my 2 dollar bill tucked away
i always..and that is an always
have enough - just enough -
to pay the bills, to eat,
to tend to emergencies,
to give it away..

- we live in a generous universe -

short on cash?
if your pockets are empty
if the flow is not flowering..
open the spigot by giving some away..
the dam
of holding
or withholding
will be open..
flush and flourish..
i like to say..
money goes, money comes..

found money
if you find money in the street
on the path
hithery or dithery..
the practice is to offer it
to the first person you meet..*

in the early mornings when i walk
the shoreline, i seem to find nickels
dimes and pennies, of course..
even the occasional dollar bill..
when one such bill caught my eye
in the dim light of dawn,
i picked it up and went on the look out
for the who to gift it to..
a shadowy fellow was walking towards me..
good morning! i called ..
hrumphf! was his reply..
may i speak with you a moment?
hrumpfh, humm.. he answered..
i explained -
i have found a buck
that is good luck for both
the recipient and the giver
if it passes hands..
really? he queried warily..
o yes!
okay then..
and thereby acquiesced
as i offered the dewy dollar..
bills passing hands in the first light of day..

another morning later, i found yet another one ..
or was it the same one..?
quickly handing it over to my walking buddy..
she tipped the barista..
money goes, money comes..

the new year's bell ringing benefit
in  carmel, california
for peace of mind dog rescue
many of the dogs at the peace of mind rescue
were brought up from the ventura fires..
we gathered $ 333.00
 - in la conner, washington   $936.00
   for community action of skagit county
both adding up to 9
which in some schools of numerology
from the bible -
it is the fruit of the spirit and divine completeness
for the hebrews it is truth
9 in angel language is universal love..
opening one to humanitarian compassion and generosity ~


the bells continue to ring..
the light is getting brighter ~
our pockets are filled with jingling stars!

you only get to keep what you give way..
                             ~ celestial tea bag wisdom

* if you find a million or billion or trillion dollar bill, 
it might be best if you would track down who lost it..
most grateful they will be!