Wednesday, October 31, 2012

108 BB series..

to a close..
ah! sigh ~ i can write again..
without  concern that i'll spill
the beans about safeco,
or the mariners,
or the inner dynamics of local baseball..

and now all hallow's eve..
all saints
all souls

we begin again..
the celtic new year..
auspicious timing..
for the harvest is in..
(the giants in 4)

the long wait for spring training
soup on the stovetop
wet noses and toes

flame apples

little hot apples of fire,
burst out of the flaming stem
of my heart,
i do not understand how you quickened and grew,
and you amaze me
while i gather you.

i lay you, one by one,
upon a table.
and now you seem beautiful and strange to me,
and i stand before you,
- amy lowell