Monday, February 20, 2017


there is a story from the olden days of india..

a woman was asked ..
what is your occupation?

she answered..
a farmer..

you don't look like a farmer..
how much land do you have?

five and a half feet,
she replied..

wha! laughing loudly..
you cannot raise much in
five and a half feet of land...

ahh! this is quite special soil..
she countered..
this body is my field.
my thoughts and actions are the seeds..
karma.. as it is..
is the harvest!

braiding sweetgrass
by robin wall kimerer

my favorite lines so far ~

all flourishing is mutual.
what happens to one happens to all.
we can starve together or feast together..

the more beautiful world
our hearts know is possible
by charles eisenstein

principles of the new story..

that my being partakes of your being
and that of all beings. this goes beyond interdependency -
our very existence is relational.

that, therefore, what we do to another,
we do to ourselves.

that each of us has a unique and necessary 
gift to give to the world.

that the purpose of life is to express our gifts.

that every act is significant 
and has an effect on the cosmos.

that we are fundamentally unseparate from each other,
from all beings, and from the universe.

that every person we encounter and every experience we have
mirrors something in ourselves.

that humanity is meant to join fully the tribe 
of all life on earth, offering our uniquely human gifts
toward the well-being and development of the whole.

that purpose, consciousness, and intelligence
are innate properties of matter and the universe.

each book and author quotes einstein exactly !!!!!
god doesn't play dice with  the universe..

how interesting!
we are relational..

we are the farmers.. of the universal field..
we are the weavers .. of the holy prayer rug..

all flourishing is mutual..
we are the medicine..
we are the seeds..
we are the harvest..the feast..

j. krishnamurti would add...
you are the world, the world is you.

Monday, February 13, 2017

with such a one i am in love ~

shri krishna tells arjuna
in the bhagavad gita ~

that one i love who is incapable of ill will
and returns love for hatred.
living beyond the reach of i and mine,
and of pleasure and pain,
full of mercy, contented,
self-controlled,  firm in faith..
with such a one i am in love.

not agitating the world or by it agitated,
who stands above the sway of elation,
competition, and fear, accepting life
good and bad as it comes.
one who is pure, efficient, detatched,
ready to meet every demand...

who serves both friend and foe with equal love,
not buoyed up by praise or cast down by blame,
alike in heat and cold, pleasure and pain,
free from selfish attachments and self-will
ever full, in harmony everywhere..
with such a one i am in love...