Friday, June 15, 2007

nothing is written*

*lawrence of arabia

the sign of the time

so... i am signing off
of peace is healthy..
bidding a fine adieu
to all the libraries,
all the cars along the highway..
everyone who has fed me,
clothed me..put me up ..
(put up with me!)
the red-wings, the rain, the dogs..
the homeless..
those who waved
those who didn't..
to watermark and how it works..
to all the e-mailers who mailed me..
to duck, my finest, unfeathered friend..
to each and every family ..
it is huge..
it will continue to grow
as i continue ...

to finish the moment,
to find the journey's end
in every step of the road,
to live the greatest number of good hours,
is wisdom.


i'll add to that.. peace!

keeping things whole

the first entry of the blog ..
i move to keep things whole
moving further into now..

pure intent

the walk south was complete.
i was peaceful for most of it, (still am..)
had nano-seconds of equanimity, (still do)
and carried only a small pack..simplicity!
all the intentions - covered..

the porcelain cup

all that babbled about,
i am a spoiled one..
i like hard beds, hot showers,
tea in a porcelain cup!
i have a preference for clean underwear,
face creme and my sonicare toothbrush.
i want my own yoga mat, a calligraphy pen
and candles to light.
soft, spoiled, and way too precious..
(i did leave home without a sleeping bag!)


i am not a camper..used to be..
somewhere in the '60s and '70s..
how greatly do i admire those
who wander about with packs or none..
who sleep under bridges..
who encourage the great outdoors in their hearts..
those brave climbers, the heroes of mountains..
the multitudes of the homeless ones..
the heroes of the streets..
i admire the freedom..the detachment..
the fearlessness.

suspended disbelief

my esteemed project manager,
dave, the duck has spent
figuring routes, scratching his head,
printing maps, scratching his head,
discussing the hazards, scratching my head (!)
reviewing the challenges and heads up!
we both arrived at the decision
to suspend the walk across the u. s. of a.

no doubt

i have spent the last few weeks
wringing my heart out..
(jeepers, that's no fun!)
about a journey not complete.
no doubt there is more walking in me..
it will take preparation-
inner and outer.
i am not yet the proper tool
for the proper job!

into the mystery

south was the walk..thus far..
what a walk!
a walk away from
home, family, work, and place..
into the unknown..
a walk straight in to new
homes, families, work and place..
..the unknown..
we walk in the mystery
every moment of every day.

crazy wisdom

riding on the edge of a light beam
what else to say?
"crazy wisdom" uncoiling!

a wrinkle in time

it seems time and timely
to close the book on the blog..
..on the walk..

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

more emerson

barbara's mother, loel says that
if she was marooned on a desert island,
the one author she would take is emerson.

he would definitely be in my satchel..
here's why -

" everything good is on the highway.
the middle region of our being
is the temperate zone.
we may climb into the thin and cold realm
of pure geometry and lifeless science,
or sink into that of sensation.
between these extremes is the equator
of life, of thought, of spirit, of poetry -
a narrow belt.
moreover, in popular experience,
everything is on the highway."

"a foolish consistency
is the hobgoblin
of little minds.
speak today what you think today
in words as hard as cannon-balls,
and tomorrow speak what tomorrow thinks
in hard words again,
though it contradict
everything you said today."

"there are no fixtures in nature.
the universe is fluid and volatile.
permanence is but a word of degrees.
...every thing looks permanent
until its secret is known."

see what we mean?

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

three secrets of the summit

*drink tea

*take care


-blue cliff record

channel 9 / real age

* walk 30 minutes a day
rain, sleet or snow..
(you must walk your dog every day
even if you don't have one.)

*floss daily

*call a friend

these are just a few hints
for a healthy life..

Monday, June 4, 2007

how can i keep from singing?

my life goes on in endless song,
above earth's lamentation.
i hear the real, though far-off song,
that hails a new creation.

no storm can shake my inmost calm,
while to that rock i'm clinging.
it sounds an echo in my soul.
how can i keep from singing?

although the storms around me blow,
i know the truth will guide me,
although the darkness 'round me grow,
my song's the light beside me.

no storm can shake my inmost calm,
while to that rock i'm clinging.
since love is lord of heaven and earth,
how can i keep from singing?
-anna bartlett warner

what a proclamation!

when i sing, there are no other
thought forms in my mind..
unless of course i can't remembre
the words..then i struggle to
excavate the text from layers
of shale upon sand upon dust
until finally..(or not)
the words burst forth..
just like the sound of music..alive!
the song's the light inside me.

some weeks ago, barbara and i
attended three choral concerts..
the first was up in san francisco
at grace cathedral..
the cathedral is the hostess
to two labyrinths; it is a mystical
vortex in the centre of the city..
the vaulted ceilings open the heart
to the greatness we embody..
we recognize our self here!

chanticleer hoisted us up to the roof tops
with the commissioned mass..
and on earth peace.
it was created by five different
composers; each of different faiths..
catholic, sufi/islam, judiasm..
greek orthodox and gaelic/celtic..
awe-inspiring and haunting,
the mass left us somewhat uneasy..
knowing that peace is a raw thing..
momentary, fleeting..every instant..
our vigilance is tested to choose ..
to choose peace in every single breath.

the next concert was in monterey
at the royal presidio chapel..
an olde adobe church..
the concert was entitled:
o beautiful for spacious skies
sung by the camerata singers.
the concert opened with
i can't keep from singing.
one could tell that the singers
would be hard pressed to keep
their voices to themselves,
such was their unfettered joy in song.
barbara would love to have
america the beautiful
as our national anthem!

the last concert of the week-end
was at the sunset cultural centre
in carmel where the monterey symphony
serves the community..
we were enchanted by brahams
the german requiem.
this was a piece with two choirs
(monterey symphony chorus/san jose symphonic choir)
joining together and two soloists who
granted us their magic..
loel joined us for this concert.
she enthused us to the trombone;
which she had played in her younger years.

we were all gathered up
on the wings of voice,
of horn and timpani
and transported ...
into high mansions of calm.

it is said that there are many more choirs
appearing every where these days;
many voices raised on sing..

love is the lord of all-
we can't keep from singing!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

a pledge in time

when i began this walk of peace,
many folks offered a pledge of
support by depositing
donations in the saint terrer
account @ wa fed..
sending monies
to the p.o. box..

those very pledges have kept
me wandering south with food,
water and a wee sense of security.

i am greatful, indeed!
to have had that part
of the journey tended to..
it showed me that the many who offered
saw the value of the walk..
taking a step along with me.

now that the walk has turned a corner,
slid into second base
and been re-written as quest..
for the same grail cake,
i might add..
(that's peace, simplicity and equanimity)
i imagine that the donors may have
some second base thoughts themselves!

i hearby release you from your
kind offers and pledges..
thank you with palms together
for the generosity to date
and ask that if you still
have a keen sense to support
peace is healthy..
please donate any pledges to
how it works through watermark
(360 293 4277)
for the peace is healthy glossies
to continue their way around
the grande and peaceful universe..
(in more than one language..)
we are hoping for spanish soon, si?


Friday, June 1, 2007

week of may 30th

rob brezsny's gemini horoscope:

"this week's horoscope draws
on the wisdom of gemini philosopher
ralph waldo emerson.
his soaring perspective
is a perfect fit for your current
astrological omens.
here's the first:
all life is an experiment.
the more experiments you make
the better
emerson no.2:
what is a weed?
a plant whose virtues
have never been discovered.

here's your third emerson clue:
she who is not every day
conquering some fear
has not learned the secret of life.

let's finish with this..emerson no.4:
do not go where the path may lead.
go instead where there is no path
and leave a trail."

grazing on stillness

white deer,
brought here
from the mountains of the east
for hunters to aim at,
now grazing in sweet grass,
peaceful among their sisters.
slanting sunlight warms their fur
as they nibble tender plants.
there is stillness and balance
in the winnowing air.

So does our own spirit path
bring us out of the high mountains
where we touch the sky,
descending into a life
of ensnarement and stealthy appetite,
on the run most of the time
as the juggler tosses fate into the air.

until finally we too seek
the sweetest grass,
the stillest air,
and find beside us the juggler,
also at rest.
-gaila mackenzie

on may 13th, mother's day..
i stood still.
for the five minutes after 1 pm,
a group of women, children and
babies gathered to stand in silence.
suzanne k. had posted the place..
the gazebo
at jewell park
in pacific grove..

we formed a semi-circle,
facing out to the street..
the sun was warm,
the aire was still..
drivers looked up
as they rounded the curve,
questions in their eyes..

we had an answer -

we do..we must.. come down
from the mountains that refresh us.
we come down to be the balance,
to graze on the kindness of others,
to gift back our own offering of love.