Saturday, August 27, 2016

catch your breath ~ harvest your practice!

now there's a catch-y (pun intended) invitation
to the autumn series of classes at
the museum of northwest art in laconner ~

in addition to the asana - posture practice..
and the sitting practice..
pranayama - breathing practices
will be on the docket!

here are the dates ..
mark your calendars..

tuesdays 6:30 - 8:30 pm
september 6 & 20
october 4, 11, 18, 25
november 1, 8

same low price ~
$108 for the 8 week session
$15 drop-in

all and every body is welcome!

the classes at the swinomish center continue..
thursdays @ 7 pm
fridays @ 9:30 am
crescent moon yoga shala
wednesdays 9:30am 

and pluck till time and times are done ~
the silver apples of the moon , 
the golden apples of the sun.
               ~ yeats

Monday, August 22, 2016

o happy heart

happiness does not come automatically.
it is not a gift that good fortune bestows upon us
and a reversal of fortune takes back.
it depends on us alone.
one does not become happy overnight,
but with patient labor, day after day.
happiness is constructed,
and that requires effort and time.
in order to become happy,
we have to learn how to change ourselves.
                    ~ luca & francesco cavalli-sforza


it is a snap of a finger..isn't it?
can we change our minds with that snap?
make the choice in the moment..
to re-programme a habit of complaint or kvetch ah! so ! moment..
thereby letting go and being... happy..

it is a life skill..happiness..
with skill there is a time component..

is not the time component this moment?

if there is a way to free ourselves from suffering
we must use every moment to find it.
only a fool wants to go on suffering.
isn't it sad to knowingly imbibe poison?
                                ~  seventh dalai lama

Friday, August 12, 2016

tkv desikachar 1938 - 2016

yet another bright lamp of yoga is extinguished
tkv desikachar  ~

founder of
The Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram 
(click here)
in madras, chennai..

sri desikachar was the son of krishnamacharaya..
the guru of pattabhi jois, bks iyengar and so many more..

desikachar was a simple direct teacher who brought
forth the practice of one to one teaching..
offering individual practices and therapeutic sessions ..
begin where you are..
adapting the postures to the needs of the student..

breath is the heart of yoga ~ 
he would say over and again..
he was a master of sound ..
vedic chanting - a passion..

he was the primary teacher of j. krishnamurti..
whom desikachar said..
taught him how to be a student of yoga.. (!)

desikachar stayed the course that yoga was yoga..
not a brand nor a type..
we practice yoga..simply yoga..

when asked -
what kind of yoga do you teach?
i will always say:
~ starts with a Y and ends in an A ~

when you call yourself an indian or a muslim 
or a christian or a european, or anything else,
you are being violent.
do you see why it is violent?
because you are separating yourself
from the rest of mankind.
when you separate yourself by belief, 
by nationality, by tradition,
it breeds violence.
one who is seeking to understand violence 
does not belong to any country,
to any religion, to any political party or partial system;
he/she is concerned with the total understanding
of mankind.
                   j. krishnamurti

i am grateful and honored to have been in his presence..
to have been his student  ..
a student of clarity and simplicity and kindness..
my head to his feet, i bow ~