Wednesday, February 26, 2014

new year .. again.. losar march 2

funny, isn't it..
so many opportunities we have to start over..
leonard cohen's song  ~ anthem ~
sings it right ..

The birds they sang 
at the break of day ..
Start again -
I heard them say ..
Don't dwell on what 
has passed away 
or what is yet to be. 

there is the celtic new year..
jewish new year,
western world new year,
chinese new year,
tibetan new year !
is there a congo new year?

the tibetan new year is called losar..
the traditional greeting is :
tashi delek!

as the days arrive leading up to losar
there is much to do.. a time to avert the negativity
of the olde year..
then there is house cleaning day..
rugs are aired, floors are swept and polished,
spoons are shined..
olde 1/2 burnt candles tossed,
olde medicines, spices & foods..
letters from long ago and far away ~
these are the ways we begin again..
at the break of day..

2014 or 2141 (tibetan) is the year of the wood horse..
galloping right out from under us!

palms together! tashi delek!
may your pure prayers be bright -
riding in the saddle
of the wood horse to fruition ~

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


my community was called a mendicant order -
begging, living off alms.
today begging is shameful to the middle class,
a scandal to those who think
everyone can and should work for a living.
the homeless person on the street is surrounded
by the emotional shadows of reprobation.

yet, the most spiritual activities are funded by begging:
public radio and television,
programs for the disadvantaged,
even today many who enter the most meanigful professions
become mendicants.

if we are not beggars,
we might ask ourselves if we have
any spirituality in our lives.
                   ~ thomas moore -  meditations

i have spent much of my life as a mendicant, actually..
one true friend said to me:
you give many people the opportunity to be generous..
& remember - generosity is a gainful trade!

a wing and a prayer is grateful, indeed..
to each and every one of you..
thank you for your pledges and donations..

and now..
if i can take just one more moment of your time ~
(and sound a lot like channel 9)
we still have books to offer to you as a premium
for your kind and generous donation of $108..
a limited edition of 108 hand-crafted quote books  ~
if you would like to support the studio
& receive your very own copy..
please pledge today..
or tomorrow...
or the next day..

and now..back to our show!


Thursday, February 20, 2014

all this is full ~

the function of freedom is to free someone else.
                             ~ toni morrison

i make full prostrations
to a great benefactress
of a wing and a prayer ~

ora mae petersen

with her kind and generous heart..
her exquisite hand ~ art-filled & wise ~
her comradeship with maestro marvels..
loving support & devotion from her tender family ~
time, time, time in the midst of living a life..

with a wing and a prayer quote book,
ora mae has vouchsafed a bright blessing
on a wing and a prayer yoga studio...

chanting her praises..
100, 00000000 pranams

giving thanks for abundance
is sweeter than abundance itself..

i know nothing better than gratitude
which brings in its wake
the daily bread and its increase..
                  - rumi

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

stretch is back-yoga in anacortes-ride the bliss hiway!

who am i? who is carrying this body?
come & find out!

Sunday, February 16, 2014


give the flame enough oxygen
so it can burn...
providing oxygen is one of
the noblest vocations ~

the book has lifted off!
flying on a wing ..or two..or...
palms high and mighty
with praises
with thanks
to each of you who have pledged
and donated to a wing and a prayer

palms high and mighty to each of you
who arrive at in and day out ~
we burn together
the flame
the heat
the ash ..

we are stardust..we are golden
                    joni mitchell

Monday, February 10, 2014

valentine's day..the book!



dwell as near as possible to the channel
in which your life flows.
         ~ thoreau

could this be the very bliss hiway we are traveling..?
the path of heart to heart ?
the joy body rising and shining ?
the kingdom of heaven?
could be, eh?

a wing and a prayer
the quote book
ready for your collection and perusal ~
 this very friday
    this very valentine's day
        this very day of the winged heart

619 commercial avenue
come to the 3rd floor
4-6 pm

if you have not pledged for your book..
you are welcome to..we will have plenty..
if you choose not to pledge - come anyway!

we have some pretty funky gluten free ginger cookies..
some awesome gingersnaps..

many a book to choose &
the penning of your name
this book belongs to ~

love is all fire  says norman o. brown..
& leonard c. adds to that ....
poetry is just the evidence of life.
if your life is burning well,
poetry is just the ash.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

a wing and a prayer heart sutra sit february 9

awakening the heart..
is an unlimited process
of making the mind 
of joining it to the cosmic milieu,
the infinity of love..
              ~ kabir helminski

heart sutra sit
february 9
4-6 pm
by donation

come, come !