Monday, March 23, 2015

beaming through all gloom ~ happy spring!

from hongzhi's practice instructions ~

study the buddha and research his lineage's subtlety.
you must clarify your heart,
dive into the spirit,
and silently wander in contemplation,
apprehending the dharma's source.

without pettiness,
or weaving hairs to create an obstacle,
be magnanimous without appearances.

splendid and lustrous like the waters moistening spring,
noble like the moon overwelming the darkness,
from the beginning just beam through all gloom,
profoundly free from stain.

constantly still and constantly glorious,
the stillness is not extinguished by causes,
the glory is not marred by shadows.

and pure,
the empty kalpa will not shift,
or obscure this source.

able to be serene,
and able to know,
here you can walk securely.

the jade vessel turns over on its side,
at once dispensing energy for you to return,
share yourself,
and respond to the world.

in this realm are the separate, limited forms,
but all are only what the self establishes,
arising along with our own four elements.

how could there be any obstruction?

since this mind is entirely without obstruction,
there is no difference between that one and me,
self and other are not separated by their names.

sounds and colors crowd together,
carefree and transcendent,
directly leaping into each other.

so it is said
that mountains and rivers
are not separated.

you must embody this
like the brightness
apparent everywhere.