Friday, November 25, 2011

glow little glow....

i see it..
this luminosity..
on the wrist of a woman in the grocery line..
the wag of the tail of a beagle i know..
the conversation of two ravens in tall tree tops..
i see the listening..the sound..the glow..
electricity..glowing from the toe of a polished boot..
the boot of a soldier...
electric green from boughs of pine and cedar..
the radiance off the lid of starbucks coffee ..
the sheen of almonds soaking in water..
the blush of a cat's whiskered surprise..
the glow in the mush of crush mustard leaves..
i am it..
glow little glow warm

Monday, November 21, 2011

thanks giving

If the only prayer
you ever say in your entire life
is thank you,
it will be enough...

~ meister ekhart

Sunday, November 13, 2011

running instructions


don't fight the trail ~

~ caballo blanco

Friday, November 11, 2011


o sing praises to the veteran rainier
who stands as tehoma.. as tadasana..all ways..

praises to the rosegoldblue cloud ceiling
that announces hallelujah! to this day..

praises to the crisp wind that rustles the leaves
that sing the praises to those singing praises..

praises to the clickety-clack of sail boat
contraptions that wave on the sound, the sea..

praises to the feet of all the beings high tailing it
down the sidewalk... cyclers, runners, walkers..

praises to the salt on my lips.
the honey on my tongue,
the growl in my belly..

praises to the big empty
that fills the galaxy with praises...
this is the only day ~

Thursday, November 10, 2011

entering the shell

love is alive,
and someone borne along by it is more alive
than lions roaring or men in their fierce courage.

bandits ambush others on the road.
they get wealth, but they stay in one place.

lovers keep moving, never the same,
not for a second.

what makes others grieve, they enjoy.
when they look angry, do not believe their faces.
it is like spring lightning, a joke before the rain.

they chew thorns thoughtfully,
along with pasture grass.
gazelle and lioness having dinner.

love is invisible except here, in us.
sometimes i praise love. sometimes love praises me.

love, a little shell somewhere
on the ocean floor, opens its mouth.

you and i and we, those imaginary beings,
enter the shell as a single drop of water.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

true wealth

all this is full. all that is full.
from fullness, fullness comes.
when fullness is taken from fullness,
fullness still remains.

om shanti, shanti, shanti

~ upanishads

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


every so every i am certain
i have written my last post for the blog..
chanting one of nancy's favorite mantras..
who cares?

god does not care.
and not only does god not care,
god does not care one way or the other...

~ lawrence durrell

i have been praised -
you should write a book!
and blamed -
never. ever. never.
use a person's real name

liked - disliked
famed - disgraced..

sun strikes mountain glory..
aire gushes vitality..
leaves puddle pools of brilliant crispies.. i go again..

settling down to peck away at keys ~
getting the world off my chest..
out and out and out ..
rippling into the big vast..

where who cares and no one cares..
one way or another..

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

el dia de los muertos

what is death?

it is the glass of life
broken into a
thousand pieces,
where the soul disperses
like perfume from a flask,
into the silence of the eternal night.
~author unknown

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


it's just as i said..
my habit of thinking is thinking me..

is ritual a habit?

an action arising from convention or habit = ritual

a settled or regular tendency or practice,
esp. one that is hard to give up = habit


it seems that ritual is often connected with religion
and that habit is often connected with baaaad...

do i have a habit of walking every morning?
drinking tea?
practicing asana?
sitting quietly?

or are those rituals?

do i make a ritual of writing e-mails?
picking my teeth?
lighting candles for folks?
taking refuge when i see a helicopter?

or are those habits?


only the gnome knows...
or knot.....

one bad habit

here's my routine, i have retired
from the late scene
when midnight rings i'm in bed listening
i wake up at five; run by the river
till the sunrise as ev'ry body knows,
i'm disciplined

i just have one bad habit, only
one bad habit
yes i do, yes indeed i do
i just have one bad habit, only
one bad habit and it's you..
~ michael franks

the habit that inhabits me the most is thought..
the habit of thought..
the rabid, habit of thought..
and not only thought for thought's sake..
thought as creating a self..
a person..
a me..
the habit of me..
one bad habit..
and it's me!

as i move through the streets of seattle..
it is apparent that habit is rampant..
drinking..alcohol, coffee..plastic water..
and afterwards, the habit of littering..
the remains of the day..and night..

how about shopping?
consuming, dooming all that stuff
to come home and live with me !

cell there's a habit..
everyone is talking, listening..
reaching out ..
there is a woman i met
who uses the cell phone
as protection -
when she walks to work in the early hours,
she pretends to speak with someone..

will shakespere says:
nothing is either good nor bad,
but thinking makes it so..
~ hamlet

so when does a habit turn bad?
when we make it so..
ah! so!

also from hamlet..
to be or not to be
me.. the habit of me..
thinking makes it so!