Thursday, June 23, 2016

ounce of practice

an ounce of practice
is worth 10 tons of theory
                       - swami vishnudevananda

here is yet another offering of yoga..
tuesday evenings 
6:30 - 8:30 pm
an 8 week session....
beginning july 5th ~
(thru august 23rd)

same low price..
8 classes for $108
or drop - in  $15

the added 1/2 hour (bonus!)
will be dedicated
to a sitting practice ~
the golden key..
icing on our yoga cake..
the true reason we stretch 
in the first place, eh?

it will get you home before dark..
relaxed calm awake wholesome
                   fully alive

please visit the link
sign up in advance 
join in when you're able..

all are welcome..

bring your yoga mats..
& sitting utensils..
let's eat the quiet skylike mind together ~

                                     art is the essence of life.
           our words and our actions should be filled with art.
                  the substance of art is complete awareness.
                                              ~ thich that hanh

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

the path of great awakening ~

all.. of us..
are on the path of great awakening..

too many still look outwards,
some believing in the illusion
of victory and of victorious power,
others in treaties and laws,
and others again in the overthrow
of the existing order.

but still too few look inwards,
to their own selves,
and still fewer ask themselves 
whether the ends of human society
might not best be served 
if each man and woman tried 
to abolish the old order of 
him- or her- self,
and to practice in their own person
and in their own inward state,
those precepts, 
those victories which they
preach at every street corner,
instead of always expecting these things 
of their fellow men and women..

every individual needs revolution,
inner division,
overthrow of the existing order,
and renewal,
but not by forcing them upon their neighbors
under the cloak of christian love
or the sense of social responsibility
or any of the other beautiful euphemisms
for unconscious urges to personal power.

individual self-refection,
return of the individual
to the ground of human nature,
to their own deepest being
with their individual and social destiny -
here... here ~
is the beginning of a cure for that blindness
which reigns at the present hour.

                           - carl jung

and again.. joseph campbell's words
(from yesterday)

hail, essence, hail!
fill the windows of my soul
with beauty:
pierce and renew my bones:
pour knowledge into my heart
as wine.   

if we can hold to our center ~
move and breathe from our deepest being ~
from essence ~
the path opens before us..
the path of great awakening..
we walk it
step by step
the eye of clear seeing
leading the heart
guiding the footsteps
a beacon..a flash of light..
could these be our feet..our heart..?
on this wretched great path of awakening

worth a try ~


Monday, June 13, 2016

on waking..

sleep, gray brother of death,
has touched me,
and moved on.

i arise, facing the east ~
pearl-doored sanctuary
from which light,
hand-linked with dew and fire,

hail, essence, hail!
fill the windows of my soul
with beauty:
pierce and renew my bones:
pour knowledge into my heart
as wine.      

                     - joseph campbell

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

leap after leap

living is a form of not being sure,
not knowing what next or how.
the moment you know how,
you begin to die a little.
the artist never entirely knows.
we guess.
we may be wrong 
but we take leap after leap in the dark.
                             ~agnes de mille

Monday, June 6, 2016

yoga w/ far...

the very short sutra
on meeting of the buddha
and the goddess
             ~ rick fields here it is:
     hey, silent one, hey, great talker
not two/not one
     not separate/not apart
this is the heart 
      bliss is emptiness
      emptiness is bliss
be your breath, ah
smile, hey
and relax, ho
and remember this: you can't miss

greetings yoginis and yogis..
buddhas and goddesses..

if you would like to celebrate me home
& if you would like to practice yoga together
here is the class schedule thus far..for now..



these 2 classes will be held @
St. Paul  Swinomish 
Spiritual Center
17456 Pioneer Parkway
LaConner, WA. 98257

please bring all your props..
i'll be schlepping what i have ~
the class fee is the same ...
15$  drop- in
108$ ~ 8 classes
many of you still have classes on the books..
they are active!

please feel free to share this with any and all pals ~
call or text :

when it is over, i want to say:
all my life i was a bride to amazement ...
                      ~ mary oliver

Sunday, June 5, 2016


Muhammad Ali pop art painting by John Stango

float like a butterfly  - 
sting like a bee