Tuesday, March 8, 2011

charmed, i’m sure

unlike randolph who claimed i was charming him
a month ago in the southwest..
costas is bothered by my very existence..

it’s just that i haven’t a clue about anything here..
the ignorance..
or shall we say innocence..
is vast..

there’s the language..
which i am working on..
the bus schedule..
the holidays that happen twice a day, it seems ~
then there’s the euro..
converting dollars to euros and back again..
of course, the food..
what are these things everyone is buying..?
octopus to be sure..

costas has a kiosk near the bus stop..
he seemed the perfect fella to answer each and every
question i have about the nature of everything greek..
he flew up his hands at the sight of me today..
barking and growling .. snarling, i'd say..
backing away with a smile,
i decide to give it and him a rest..

so.... i’ll never know the name of backgammon in greek..

i trust he’ll feel better tomorrow..
there is the question of telefonos..

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