Wednesday, March 30, 2011

dunja's world soup

rainy and windy..
perfect day for world soup..

start with greek oregano and saffron
toast them lightly..shifting them around..
add olive oil and ghee..

1 small red onion sliced ever so thin
2 inch piece of ginger
i like it in strands - after i peel the piece..
i keep peeling into thin strands
add to the oil/ghee and saute'
along with 2 vegetable cubes...

in the mix stir in
1/2 cup uncooked basmati rice
1/3 cup of french lentils..
glisten them up
then add 2-4 cups of water and simmer
so the lentils can get ahead of themselves

chop 1/2 bunch of italian parsley fine, fine, fine..add..
fresh ground pepper

2-3 medium carrots sliced..
add more water
let them roil a boil for a wee while..
then add 4-5 small zuchinni sliced..
more water ?
keep a cookin'

here come the kalamatas..
12-15 cut in half and pitted,
please and thank you!
simmer away...
when it's thick and fragrant and ready..
add the juice of 1 lemon..maybe 1 1/2..

serve with a dollop
(don't you love this word?)
of greek yogurt..

kali' oreksi!

here comes the sun......

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