Monday, July 4, 2016

net of indra

imagine a multidimensional spider's web
in the early morning, covered with dewdrops.
and every dewdrop contains the reflections
of all the other dewdrops.
and, in each reflected dewdrop,
the reflections of all the other dewdrops
in that reflection..and infinitum..
                        ~ alan watts

if we are peaceful, if we are happy,
we can blossom like a flower,
and everyone in our family,
our entire society,
will benefit from our peace.
               ~ thich nhat hanh

as the astronauts were circling the moon -
looking back at their home,
the blue white pearl - floating in a sea of stars -
they saw no boundaries...

interdependence day!

since i am here,..
seemingly you are here too.
let us practice!
sitting is a jewel that ornaments our precious life.
                            ~ chogyam trungpa

i am not as good as i would like to be..
seeing others as myself..
my self rears up and claims its autonomy -
yet when gazing on the rose red sky at sunset ..
listening to the chittering of hummingbirds,
catching the wind catching me..
solving crossword puzzles with my pal, nancy..
eating a fresh made gathered salad..
standing in tadasana..
walking the trail or bike riding ..
my independence merges, converges
and my i joins the party..

emptying i me mine
into a bowl of galaxies..
dust, gas, gravity..
i get it, am it..for the briefest of time..
out of time, in time,
in harmony .. balance.. grace.. gratitude..
then - poof!
back to me and them..

begin again!
the practice ..of interbeing

interbeing is a word that is not 
in the dictionary yet,
but if we combine the prefix inter
with the verb to be, we have a new verb,
                 ~ thich nhat hanh

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