Tuesday, July 5, 2016

yoga classes with dunja..laconner..

our training of the heart is like this..
after a moment of mindfulness, 
it's thinking of this and thinking of that again.
it is agitated and mindfulness is not continuous.
but whatever it thinks about, never mind,
just keep putting forth effort.
start right now.
give it a try.
                  ~ ajahn chah

tuesdays 6:30 - 8:30 pm


wednesdays  9:30 - 11am
crescent moon yoga

thursdays 7 -8:30 pm
fridays 9:30 - 11am
swinomish spiritual center

when we practice our mind always follows our breathing.
when we inhale, the air comes into our inner world.
when we exhale, the air goes out to the outer world.
the inner world is limitless, the outer world is also limitless.
we say inner world or outer world
but actually there is just one whole world.
                               ~ shunryu suzuki roshi

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