Wednesday, February 22, 2012

little bo peep

where is this i that i offer up
to all my friends, to strangers..
to loved ones.. to family?

lost like sheep..
no where to find it..
never was there a place
where i stood still long enough
to be pinned down as a known identity..
though didn't i try to hold the i
in some perfect static cling persona
who could answer all the questions..
and would look a certain way..
and held its unique i-ness separate and aloof..
heavens to betsy..what a spoof!

to no avail ~ when the dust settles..
there is no i, no sheep of sleep
that wakes up found in the apron of bo..

abandon the i
goes the cry
and baa! baa!
black sheep..
finds her way home..
no where to stand -
the aire goes poof!
no where to land -
aye! there 's the proof !

yet home am i
as big as the sky..
as vast as the middle
of infinity..
there is no limit to this eye of mine..
i see, i see..
says the sightless shine
of the heart the pounds the rounds around
home am i....

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