Wednesday, August 26, 2015

~ just this ~

the fundamental delusion of human beings 
is the belief that we exist separately and independently 
from the rest of the universe.
there is the whole universe, a human thinks, plus something -
that something is me.

once we misunderstand ourselves in this way, 
it is inevitable that we will be primarily concerned 
with this isolated, precious self.
we will single-mindedly focus on protecting and promoting 
our separate, individual welfare.
ignoring our close connection with all beings, 
animate and inanimate, we will act selfishly, 
through greed, hate and delusion.

when we feel independent and separate from others, 
we feel anxious about whether they really care about us.
we worry that they don't approve of us or support us,
and we may be tempted to lie about what we think and feel 
in order to gain their approval and support.
feeling separate from others and feeling threatened 
by their lack of approval, we may deny who we really are.

..... perhaps the most difficult thing is just to be ourselves..
as long as we're looking for alternatives to just being ourselves,
we will be anxious, we will grumble, and we will complain.

.....all things are so deeply connected that at the precise moment
when we are just ourselves, the entire universe is just itself.

                       ~ reb anderson
                          BEING UPRIGHT

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