Friday, December 21, 2007

netaji subhash bose

the route from kolkutta to gaya is an international flight..
it caused a bit of confusion for the guards..
some of the most handsome men in india..
or else some of the most ornery!
as i was walking through the door at the domestic airport,
an ornery guard sent me packing to the international sector..
silly me, it was still dark and i took a taxi..
or rather, the taxi took me for 50 rupees..
i could have walked..
which i did at least three times
back and forth from the domestic to international;
forth and back until... emaho!
someone took pity on me..and we found that..
it IS an international flight
to yangoon with a stop in gaya..
who knew?

my new flight name is:
dunja lingwooms!

the airport in kolkutta is:
netaji subhash bose
international airport

while i was waiting
for my international flight to yangoon
with a stop in gaya..
i met a young spanish woman..angela..
she had noticed the peace is healthy patch
on my pack..
yes! my walking pack..
we spoke about the small steps each of us can take
to have peace in our lives..
moment by moment..
day by day..
every hour on the hour..

i am sending her father ..
who teaches english..
the peace stickers in all three languages..

i left the u.s.a. without a single peace cling..

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b said...

Happy Solstice! Om Shanti!