Wednesday, December 26, 2007

like a bird....

on a wire,
like a drunk
in a midnight choir..
i have tried,
in my way
to be free....

leonard cohen

there is a practice
in the buddhist tradition
to free animals..
those that will go to the slaughterhouse for food,
fish that will be caught..
birds in a cage...

along the road to the mahabodhi temple
there are boys who have caged birds...
golden finches of every hue..
green, long tailed parrots..

i had decided to empty a cage full
and my dharma pal, lorraine joined me in the release..
we offered the young busker 1000 rupees..
which is about 25$+ u.s. ..
alot of money for the bird boy..

we took the cage to the nearby park;
as lorraine offered up the four immeasurables..

may all beings have happiness and the cause of happiness,
may all beings be free of suffering and the cause of suffering,
may all beings never be parted
from the happiness that knows no suffering,
may all being abide in equanimity
without attachment or aversion to near or far.

we were witnessed and recorded by passer-bys..
on their cell cameras..
a group of young boys recited the prayers with us..
and around 30 yellow finches found their way
to the skies once more...

when asked why..?
we replied: wildlife conservation!


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