Saturday, December 23, 2017


grace is the permanent climate of divine kindness.
                      ~ john o'donohue

we are living in grace..
each one of us..
every moment of every day..
no matter what the external experience may be..
the heart is the inner sanctum of grace..
grace is the kindness we shed on others..
we spill our grace upon one another..
we offer any or every gift we hold in our hearts..
we feed birds and each other..
we hold hands and paws..
we give pennies, dollars, millions
to the bell ringers..
we offer courage to those afraid..
we clothe the unfortunate ..
we tend the gardens
we walk the paths set out
we sing the praises of those we love..
let us sing the praises of those we don't..
we worship the stars and bring the stardust to our hearts..
we tickle the fancy of earth, grasses, brrrrr -
with our frozen toes..
we heal ..
we help..
we hold the ground..
for any and everything to happen
in the theatre of grace..
the abiding, perpetual climate of divine kindness..
if we are not divine..
who is?
if we are not filled to the brim with kindness,
who is?
reaching deeper into the wellspring of the heart..
of the soul..
of our true and holy nature..
let us bless and bless and bless again..
now and always
( and women too)

let us bless the air
benefactor of breath,
keeper of the fragile bridge
we breathe across.
      ~ john o'd....

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