Saturday, November 12, 2016

leonard 1934 – 2016

it was the late sixties .. in pasadena, california..
my first real boyfriend and i were painting houses..
(didn’t we all do that?)
only the interiors..

our music of the times was the beatles, bob dylan
and of course, leonard.. his album just out ~
songs of leonard cohen..
remember this?
we were smitten..

we would have our music with us..always..
and i recall many a time painting the lyrics
of his songs with primer on walls of our clients...

the residents would return home to
a newly painted living room
with lyrics of suzanne..sisters of mercy..
embedded in the hue..
delighted with the energi ~
interior design ~

they would be so enamoured with us and our work..
wanting us to paint every room in the house..
leonard was our job security!

i had a man fall head over heels in love with me
after we painted his bedroom..
he had no idea why..nor did i..
we figured it must have been leonard..

leonard's music, his poetry,
his life and wisdom  ~
a thousand kisses deep

o see the darkness yielding
that tore the light apart
come healing of the reason
come healing of the heart

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