Sunday, July 12, 2015

compassion 101

the practice of the bodhisattva is to sit upright 
in the center of the world of universal suffering.
such compassionate beings listen to the pain of the world:
they feel it,
they ache with it.
we are built to ache with it.
we have evolved to feel the hurt.
the upright sitting of the buddha ancestors 
never forgets or abandons sentient beings.
..... we do not fight back or crumble 
in the face of pain.
we do not get ahead of or
lag behind the pain,
we do not lean to the right 
or to the left of pain.
we honor and acknowledge all pain.
we listen to all pain.
the bodhisattva stays close to the pain
without meddling or interfering.
sitting upright and clearly observing 
all suffering beings
assembles an ocean of blessings 
beyond measure.
         ~ being upright / reb anderson

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