Saturday, January 5, 2013

epiphany eve

i denuded a friend’s christmas tree this afternoon
& the definition of reveal.. was revealed!
the plump norwegian spruce sat demurely in her own quintessence.
stripped of anything artificial and dizzying..
she, for i sense she is a she ..was beaming in her nakedness ~
relieved of the baubles, beads and balls 
that made her the holiday spectacle..
she sighed ..the ah! of emptiness! emaho!

i, too, am somehow relieved on this eve of insight..
it happens every 6th of january..
offering a sweet step forward yet a sweet step back..
forward into the adventure of a new year..lucky 13..
back ..away.. from the frenzy that got us here..

there is an aire of surprise on the buff round tree..
she suddenly appears as she is, was and will always be..
beheld in the mirror of her own self..
a true-ness, a simplicity.. shining dark green and moist..
she is a light on the day of lights..


my mama used to make fruitcake for the holidays..
she used all of the best dried fruits..and nuts..
fresh coconut and her secret...ready?
apricot nectar ~

the year before my father died,
she made at least a hundred of them..

there is the great fruitcake toss
somewhere in colorado on epiphany ~
no one would ever toss sallie’s away..
                         ~ ever ~


glory be -
to each of us.. simply adorned...
with a kind heart..our light to lead us..
and nectar!
shine on ~

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